Take-Out by Adan RamieTake-Out by Adan Ramie is a short, sweet romance that follows directly from Maladaptation.

Detective Harry Thresher is placed on administrative leave following the events in Maldaptation and as she comes out of the elevator following her hearing, she meets CSS Busy Biznicki. She finds herself attracted to her and flirts with her.

Busy Biznicki met Harry in Maladaptation at a particularly bloody crime scene and fangirled over Harry’s track record as soon as she met her. Harry, however, wasn’t always pleasant to her and Busy considered getting her shift re-assigned so that she didn’t have to see her.

During their flirting, Harry manages to angle herself a date with Busy for later that evening and the story follows the events of the next 18 hours.

The Characters

Harry Thresher is a surprise character in this story. Her story is told but there is nothing about her emotions or feelings, her character comes over purely in her actions. She is caring, thoughtful and funny. She believes Busy is beautiful.

Busy’s character similarly comes through from her actions, and we find her bold when she has had a few drinks. She is often clumsy, except when at a crime scene when she is all business.

The Writing Style

I love Adan Ramie’s writing as far as dark thrillers go and it is good to see that she is just as talented with her romance. It was really a pleasant change to find a romance that has none of the angst and is just about two people and the circumstances they find themselves in. It is written in a direct way that has you wanting more.

The Pros

The meetings between Harry and Busy in Maladaptation hinted that there could be more to their relationship, but the story ended without it happening. It is a relationship that I hoped could happen and here it is! Go buy it!

The Cons

It was too short at about 30 pages!

The Conclusion

The story provides a bridge between Maladaptation and Cluster B. Volumes 1 and 2 of the Deviant Behaviors series. It is only 99c or 99p and a refreshing little gem of a story.

Excerpt from Take-Out by Adan Ramie

“Do you smoke?”

“No. Do you?” Harry asked. She wouldn’t have expected it from her. Since Harry had quit, she had been able to smell it on some people from across the room. Busy, on the other hand, always smelled like something vaguely sweet: vanilla, spices, cinnamon…

Busy shook her head, then raised a hand to steady it with her eyes closed. Her smile wavered, then came back as she opened her eyes again. “No, but sometimes when I drink tequila, I really crave one. Something strong but smooth.”

Harry grinned and downed half of her beer. “We could go buy a pack. There’s a store just up the street that doesn’t blink if you walk in half-drunk asking for smokes.”

“I’m not sure if I’m up for a lot of walking,” Busy said, and eyed her beer with a look of mild distaste. “I think I drank too fast.”

Harry stood and held out a hand to help Busy up from her chair. “Then that’s why you definitely need to take a walk. A little fresh air will do you some good.”

Busy allowed herself to be helped into her coat, and Harry ran her hand along the fuzzy collar as Busy wrangled the three-quarter length sleeves of her blouse in. Busy trailed closely behind Harry as they dropped their bottles into the trashcan. Harry paid her tab, got her card back, and nodded to the girl at the door on her way out.

“I didn’t realize how hot it was in there,” Busy said. “It feels nice out tonight.” She rubbed her hands together and Harry watched, mesmerized, as her short, thick-tipped fingers slid back and forth over each other with a smooth, dry whisper.

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