Maladaptation by Adan RamieMaladaptation by Adan Ramie is the first novel in the Deviant Behaviors series.  It is the story of three women who cross paths after a devastating and unforgettable night.

Lee grew up in foster care along with her two long time friends, Sunny (now a stripper) and Josie (a rent boy, drag queen). One night she is on her way down the road when Josie meets up with her and they go back to his apartment.

When they reach his apartment a dangerous drug dealer knocks the door down in search of Josie. Lee and Josie barely escape. Lee discovers that Josie is in trouble for using instead of selling a load of drugs and they both realize in dismay that the dealer will go after Sunny in order to teach Josie a lesson.

Lee and Josie rush to get to Sunny in time but on the way Josie is hit by car. Sunny is badly injured and Lee sees no choice but to hold the driver of the car, Ruby, hostage so that they can get to Sunny in time.

Ruby, in the mean time, is trying to escape her abusive husband when she is suddenly held hostage and forced to drive Lee and Josie around and eventually take them back to the home she is so desperate to escape.

Harry Thresher is a detective who does what it takes to crack the case. This often means bending the rules. When she is called the scene of a murder she starts to put together the pieces of an insane puzzle to solve a murder and find two women who are on the run.

The Characters

This is a dark book. Adan Ramie told me it was dark, but even then I did not expect this level of dark. I am talking violence, sex, drugs and murder.

Each of the characters is dark in her own way and I could not help but love them all.

The Writing Style

Desperation is a strong driving force in this book and the mood that Ramie creates is tangible and captivating.

I thoroughly enjoyed her very different style of writing. It was captivating and kept me fascinated as she wove the stories together in an unforgettable novel.

The Pros

The story is interesting and unique. Although very dark, I did enjoy the characters and I was really hoping that Ruby, in particular, would get her happy ending.

The Cons

Not really a con, more like a side note: There is rape and domestic violence in this book. It doesn’t go into details but you do know it happens. Just a heads up if this is a trigger.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed it. It was an interesting story, the characters were clear and well done. The writing flowed nicely and the story had a Bonny and Clyde feel to it that I enjoyed. If you want something dark and different then this is a great book to read.

Excerpt from Maladaptation by Adan Ramie

Lee stopped, her hands on her knees, and fought the rising bile in her stomach. Josie skidded to a stop beside her. He clutched his side, panted, and stared into the still darkness behind them. Lee glanced back too, and searched the streets for any sign of Eddie and his cronies. Everything was still, and she dropped her head hack down to suck in a great, shaky breath.

“What -the hell – did you do, Josie?” she punctuated her words with gasps, and tried to calm the erratic beating of her heart.

He shook his head and squeezed a stitch in his side. “I didn’t mean to. I was going to a party to look for johns, and I made the mistake of telling Eddie.” He took another deep breath, and blew it out slowly. “He sent me with a bunch of pre-packaged blow. I did a little, to try to get someone to buy, but I ended up just getting a few johns high before we got down to business. It was a great night to sling ass, but I got rolled.” He ran a hand through his hair and stared back from whence they came. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“How much do you owe him?”

He hung his head. “Too much. More than I can make back in the time he wants it.”

Lee pulled herself up and looked around them, “We have to get out of here. Out of the neighborhood, out of town.”

“Out of the state, if we want to live to see tomorrow,” he finished for her. She nodded. His cell phone buzzed twice in his pocket, and he pulled it out to read the incoming messages. “Oh, shit,” he said, drawing the last word our in a groan.

“What is it?”

He tucked his phone away. “It’s Sunny. We need to get over there.”

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