Spin My Heart Around by Abby CroftonSpin My Heart Around by Abby Crofton is a slow-burn workplace romance featuring adorably angsty encounters, super smart women, and a lovely butch/femme pairing, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Carly Branning is a personal relations representative for one of Hollywood’s most famous families: the Carons. Headed by the legendary actress Laila Caron, and including her husband and children, the family has had its share of mix-ups and scandals that Carly has managed to spin into a positive light. Because of her investment with the family, Carly has been hand chosen for a new task – curating a campaign for the oldest Caron sibling, Tess.

Tess Caron is brilliant. At only 35 years old she’s worked her way to being a fully tenured scientist at university, leading a team that is working on groundbreaking research. Although her mother is one of Hollywood’s most famed actresses, Tess has always preferred to stay out of the public eye. She’s happy to be across the country and generally away from the chaos.

Tess’s desire to stay out of the spotlight is put to the test when her mother sends one of her top employees to campaign for her Young Engineering Innovation Award nomination.

Although Tess initially declines Carly’s help, Carly is no novice to changing others’ perspectives and she manages to convince Tess to give the campaign a chance. As it turns out, that may have been the easy part. Carly quickly realizes that working with Tess is going to be harder than she thought.

Tess and Carly try to push away their growing attraction as Carly observes the lab for campaign research. Carly insists on keeping things strictly professional. Even if she wanted to give in to Tess’s captivating smile and adorable personality, getting involved with her boss’s daughter could put her entire career in jeopardy. As the days go by it’s clear that Carly’s hard, professional exterior is no match for Tess’s gentle smile, socially awkward charm, and deeply tender heart. Despite her best efforts, Carly is falling for the blue-eyed brainiac.

Through a series of sweet, funny, and sometimes painfully awkward moments, Carly and Tess realize they could be a perfect match. But when a major communication mishap threatens to come between them for good, will Carly walk away from it all, or will she follow her heart back to Tess?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This book had a few of my very favorite things: a sweet, socially awkward, sensitive butch, and a passionate, strong-willed femme paired together over a workplace romance. Carly and Tess are a dream match-up, complementing each other perfectly every step of the way. There were moments between them that were tender and moments that had me chuckling out loud. It was a flawless balance of sweet and intimate.

The pacing was perfect, never feeling rushed or forced. Abby Crofton did a fabulous job giving enough backstory to keep me wanting more, weaving it into the current story at hand. I’d read an accompaniment to this book any time – I couldn’t get enough of the characters and their interactions.

Cons And Heads Up


The Conclusion

You should absolutely buy this book. It’s a sweet, angsty, romantic read that’s perfect if you’re looking for that “aww” feeling.

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Carly Branning has been assigned the task of creating a winning campaign for her boss’s daughter, Tess. Despite her best efforts to ignore the attraction, a relationship starts to build between them – but when a communication mishap threatens to collapse everything, will Carly walk away for good, or will she spin things back into the right direction?

Excerpt from Spin My Heart Around by Abby Crofton

The light hit Tess at just the right angle to highlight her eyes, giving the blue an almost otherworldly glow.

“Thanks. It was a birthday present,” Carly said a little too breathlessly. She returned her focus to her purse, partly because she knew the phone was in there, and partly to hide her face. Carly’s friends always joked that whenever she saw a beautiful woman, she got a lovesick expression. With her square jawline and dark hair cropped just long enough for curls to appear, Tess leaned more toward handsome than beautiful. But add in her mother’s world-famous wide blue eyes that took any opportunity to sparkle, and she transformed into the type of woman people stopped their car in the middle of the road to stare at.

Carly didn’t think she was one of those people. She never believed her friends-she knew they loved to mess with her. But just in case, she made sure her hair fell forward as an extra shield. She valued her professionalism, and her years of working in Hollywood had immunized her to pretty people. Hopefully even the ones who looked captivating with no makeup and locked themselves up in a basement lab in search of the next great scientific discovery.

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ISBN number: 9798493843419

Publisher: Warm Flannel Reads

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