Spark by Catherine FriendSpark by Catherine Friend – “Fire Truck” I loved this book so much (nerdy book reference I hope you get and enjoy after you read the book). The worst part about it was that I didn’t know of anyone else who had read it so I couldn’t share my thoughts and have discussions with anyone.

Jamie Maddox is living in 2017 when her girlfriend Chris pressures her into an experiment where a doctor believes he has located a human’s consciousness.

Now, Jamie finds herself in 1560 after being struck by lightning during the experiment. Except it’s not her body she’s living in, it’s the body of a lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth I, Blanche Nottingham.

Jamie can’t decide if she is having a mental break down or if she is truly back in 1560 with the Queen herself. Getting switched back and forth between Blanche’s body and her own, it becomes clear to Jamie that weather Blanche is really a person from 1560 or just a part of Jamie’s personality; she is determined to take over Jamie’s life.

The Characters

Oh how the characters are written so well! I fell in love with all of them. The growth of the side characters as their personalities start to shine and develop is fantastic. Not to worry, there are several characters but they aren’t dumped on you all at once.

The Writing Style

The pacing was smooth and steady. I struggled just as much as Jamie did trying to decide whether she was insane or truly back in 1560. The author kept me guessing with excellent hints and diversions peppered into the story.

The Pros

I love that Catherine Friend was able to bring me to love and appreciate all the side characters or really elicit strong emotions from me when I knew that was her goal, she got me real good.

The Cons

I didn’t have anyone to read it with! But is it the books fault? Nah. I have no real cons.

The Conclusion

brooklyn's favouriteI have honestly come to respect and be fascinated with Queen Elizabeth I and that time era. I recommend this book to almost any reader because it is just interesting and so well written, but fair warning you are going to want to share the experience.

Excerpt from Spark by Catherine Friend

When Lady Clinton fell silent, Elizabeth sighed and cuddled against me. “Tell us something funny, or even better, outrageous. We must divert our thoughts from useless worry.”

My head was only inches from the woman considered to be the greatest queen England had ever had and possibly the greatest ruler. In the firelight, her green eyes were tired but bright. The bed had begun to warm, but when Elizabeth planted her icy feet against my legs, I gasped. “God’s blood, your feet are cold.”

It was a girl who chuckled in delight, not the Queen of England. Who would ever believe that I would be cuddling up with Queen Elizabeth I? I felt so comfortable that I could have been at home with Chris on the sofa, both of us huddled under the big floral comforter we kept by the TV.

My throat tightened. “I seem to be fresh out of outrageous tonight.”

She sighed, nestling deeper into her pillow. “Then tell us a story, any story.”

I could think of only one. “Once upon a time there was a boy named Harry. He lived in the cupboard beneath his uncle’s stairs. His aunt and uncle and cousin treated Harry horribly, like a servant, because they were afraid of him. They were worried Harry might be a wizard like his parents.”

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ISBN number: 9781626399310

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Spark by Catherine Friend. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.