Love At First Write by JaeLove At First Write by Jae is a novella that contains short stories about finding love in unexpected places and these short stories also celebrate the art of writing.

This wonderful novella contains four short stories about wordsmiths who stumble haphazardly into real life love affairs. These amazing women are challenged with writing bets, trying out a new genre of writing, assisting a lover with research for a new book and going on a bizarre blind date to please a friend.

The Characters

Abby is a reporter who has a jaded view about love and the romance genre. Abby interviews a prominent writer and she learns a valuable lesson about writing romance stories. Her persistent nature makes her so adorable and I love her awkward attempts at learning something new.

Tamara is a popular romance writer. I really adore her kind-hearted and fun-loving personality. She is passionate about her craft and I really enjoyed her exuberance throughout the story.

Mara is an award winning mystery writer. Her social awkwardness, sarcastic and witty remarks are so endearing to me because she possesses a tender heart underneath her tough exterior.

Hayley is an editor with a really quirky sense of humor that I love. She brings joy to all of the writers who depend on her services.

Griffin is a shape-shifter and she is the epitome of a butch goddess. She is a delicious package of strength, dominance and gentleness all rolled into one.

Jorie is an up and coming author. She is determined to create a beautiful and realistic story by researching her topic as much as possible. She uses a very hilarious method of research to get the result she desires.

Jen is a hypnotherapist and she is such a down-to-earth person. I love the mysterious aura that surrounds her. She is the kind of woman who will always keep you on your toes.

Tricia is a well-known contemporary writer. Going on dates and meeting new women are very low on Tricia’s priority list because she is content with her own company. Tricia really won my heart with her humble and reserved personality.

The Writing Style

The author’s style of writing kept me entertained from the beginning to the end. There was never a dull moment in any of these delightful stories. In addition, I really loved the way the dialogue flowed so effortlessly between the characters.

The Pros

I really enjoyed this novella so much because the main theme of these short stories are based on my favorite people—writers and editors!

The Cons

I just wish this novella was longer…

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

These delightful short stories had me laughing out loud as I read them. I earned quite a few side-eye glances because of my chuckling but I continued to read and laugh anyway. Each exquisite story gave me a unique twist to the budding romances within the novella. If you enjoy light-hearted and humorous short stories about women who love the written and spoken word, then this collection of short stories is for you!

Excerpt from Love At First Write by Jae

The sound of Tamara’s keyboard strokes drifted through the open FaceTime connection. Abby had never thought she’s come to regard it as soothing, but now she did. It was like listening to the patter of rain on the roof on a summer night.

Rain on a roof on a summer night? Really? She arched her eyebrows at herself. You’re spending too much time with a romance writer.

Not that it felt that way. For the past week or so, they had gotten into the habit of being on FaceTime and keeping each other company while they worked on their respective novels. At first, it had been about Abby asking questions about the writing craft, but then they had started to talk about other things too—for example, about the fact that they were both single and living alone.

Spending time with Tamara was unexpectedly nice, even though it didn’t help her word count. Half of the time, she caught herself watching Tamara work instead of getting any writing done herself.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9783955337377
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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