Sea Legs by KG MacGregorSea Legs by KG MacGregor is a butch/femme vacation romance that takes us cruising on the Caribbean. It’s full of friends, exes, and unlikely attraction, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kelly Ridenour is excited to get away and get to know Yvonne and Steph better. She’s even happier to be rooming with their friend Natalie when she sees how beautiful she is. Natalie’s lack of interest in spending time with her is immediately obvious, but Kelly agrees to help anyway when asked for a little help in making Natalie’s ex-girlfriend, Didi, jealous.

Natalie Chatham wasn’t going to join her longtime friends, Yvonne and Steph, for their cruise. When she heard that Didi would be there with her much younger girlfriend Pamela, however, she saw a perfect chance to win her back, far from the blustery cold of Rochester, New York. Her roommate could be just the ticket—so what if Kelly is way too butch for her tastes? It’s not like she needs to spend time much time with her to make Didi jealous. Except that the more she gets to know Kelly, the more she sees what a gentlewoman she is. Maybe it’s time to take a chance on someone who’s not her usual type.

The Characters

Kelly was, by far, my favourite character. She was kind, sweet and true to herself. She didn’t have much of a character arc, but that was exactly right because Natalie had to come around to loving Kelly exactly for who she is, despite long thinking butch women aren’t for her. I told myself that I shouldn’t like Natalie, given the things she says about Kelly and how she treats her, but I couldn’t help myself. Sea Legs is really Natalie’s book, because she grows tremendously from when she walks on the cruise ship the first time to when she leaves it for the last.

Didi is a real piece of work. She’s shallow and rude, yet has glimmers of sensitivity. How she managed to get someone as sweet and wonderful as Pamela is beyond me. Their relatively new relationship is balanced by Yvonne and Steph, who have been together for 18 years and have been with Natalie through all of her relationships since college. Friends and confidantes, they only want what’s best for Kelly and Natalie, and they are entirely likeable.

The Writing Style

Sea Legs is a well written, satisfying contemporary romance. I picked it up thinking I’d only read for 10 or 15 minutes only to find I couldn’t put it down.

The Pros

Good character work, entertaining writing style, and a perfectly paced romance.

The Cons

This isn’t a con at all, but I don’t know where else to put this: I want to see how Kelly and Natalie are doing away from the ship. Do they show up in another novel or something? And does Pamela put up with Didi or does she dump her for someone better? I’m still wondering what happens to them a week after finishing the book.

The Conclusion

I really enjoyed Sea Legs. It was the perfect little escape for a lazy Saturday and I recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romances.

Excerpt from Sea Legs by KG MacGregor

“Would you like to try my crème brûlée?” she asked Natalie, who was picking over her chocolate torte. “You don’t seem too happy with yours, and this is way too much for me.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

Kelly pushed the dish toward her. “Help yourself.”

Natalie’s face lit up as she took a taste. “This is way better than what I ordered.”

“Finish it.” Kelly poured Natalie another cup of decaffeinated coffee from the decanter and watched as she added cream and artificial sweetener. It pleased her to make Natalie happy. “Does anyone have plans for tonight? I think there’s a magician performing at eight o’clock.”

“I think I’m going to hit the casino,” Yvonne said. “I don’t know how the rest of you are even awake.”

“Steph and I are going to the shopping gallery to look at swimsuits,” Natalie said.

Didi pushed back and waited for Pamela to stand and take her hand. “We’re going back to our cabin for a private party.”

Kelly noticed from the corner of her eye that Natalie’s lips had tightened. “As your nearest neighbor, all I can say is I hope you’re serious about the private part.”

The indignant look on Didi’s face was priceless, but it was nothing compared to the satisfied smirk on Natalie’s.

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