Rewriting the Ending by hp tune

Rewriting The Ending by hp tune is a lesbian romance that builds slowly while addressing serious issues.

Juliet is having a terrible day. After a series of delays, she’s blocked from entering the Emirates lounge and relaxing before the next leg of her trip to Belgium, where she has six months to write the manuscript she owes her publisher. Things start looking up when a beautiful, clearly influential, woman steps in and brings Juliet into the lounge as her guest.

Mia finds Juliet fascinating. Her relaxed clothing and attitude towards life are at total odds with Mia’s own high-end fashion and the obligations that come with her family name. One thing is certain—she wants to know more about the author, even if they only have 24 hours before they part ways at Heathrow Airport.

The Characters

Neither Juliet nor Mia are who they seem, each with a complicated history with their families. They slowly reveal pieces of themselves as they keep in touch and then reconnect in Scotland, and the reader gets to know each of them as they do. Each time they share something personal is an unfamiliar exercise in intimacy, and we get the pleasure of watching Mia and Juliet grow as individuals while they forge a relationship together.

The Writing Style

Rewriting the Ending is not a typical romance. It doesn’t have a clear path from meet cute to happily ever after. The pacing is slower than what some may like, but I appreciated the care taken with Juliet and Mia, and I was more convinced of their ending than I have been with many other books.

The Pros

Mia and Juliet’s character growth was the standout element of Rewriting the Ending. I’m still thinking about them long after finishing the book.

The Cons

There were a lot of Britishisms, which was jarring because the characters are American. The story could have just as easily been told with British characters, and I wonder why it wasn’t.

The Conclusion

If you like character-driven romance, check out Rewriting the Ending.

Excerpt from Rewriting The Ending by hp tune

“Leave whatever you don’t need here, and I’ll have a wine waiting for you after your shower,” Mia said. “Red or white?”

“Umm, yeah okay, sure. I would love a white wine. As long as you don’t mind my company.”

“Not at all. On long-haul flights, it’s always nice to have someone sane to make conversation with.”

“I could be a serial killer ,” Juliet said. She let just the corner of her mouth turn up.

“Ah, a serial killer who can’t manage a power-hungry but very juvenile desk boy?”

“Fair call, thanks. Get me that white wine, then.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9783955335038
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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