Remember Me, Synthetica by K. AtenRemember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten is an enthralling science fiction/romance novel that highlights the importance of truly living your own life, having the courage to take a chance on love and making the best decisions for yourself despite the opinions of others.

Who would have thought that a woman could lose her memory but gain a whole new lease on life?

Dr. Alexandra Turing is a highly qualified roboticist. Her knowledge of artificial intelligence is extensive and no other scientist in her field has ever been able to do the things that she has done. Science has always been a safe haven for Alexandra but she has a hard time whenever she has to interact with people because understanding emotional cues and giving appropriate responses have never been her strong points. Alexandra wants to accomplish what no one in her family has ever done before so she dedicates her life to the Synthetica project at her father’s company, Organic Advancement Solutions.

Alexandra’s life begins anew when she wakes from a coma, six months after she was struck by a speeding car. Her life will never be the same again because she was left with a lot of brain damage that affected the way her senses work, her long term memory and her personality. Even though everything feels so strange to her, Alexandra finds a way to bridge the gap between her past and her present. Alexandra’s new life is filled with caring for a cuddly fur baby and dating a delightful veterinarian by the name of Dr. Emily St. John.

Emily is completely smitten with Alexandra and her quirky ways but there are a couple of things about Alexandra and her job at Organic Advancement Solutions that just don’t seem right at all. Emily encourages Alexandra to do some tests so that she could get the answers that she needs but the tests leave her with more concerns and questions.

When Alexandra discovers the brutal truth it shocks her to the core. Will her discovery bring an end to her budding relationship with Emily or will it create a new beginning for them?

The Characters

Dr. Alexandra “Alex” Turing is a well-known roboticist and she works for her father’s company. Her entire world was turned upside down when she lost most of her memory due to a horrific accident. Even though Alex has lost her memory, she has gained a new appreciation for the people in her life and she embraces every new experience she has with open arms and those wonderful qualities of hers made me love her more than ever.

Dr. Emily St. John is a veterinarian. Emily is such a down-to-earth person and she’s so easy to love! She possesses a wicked sense of humor that I adore and I was drawn to her from the moment she was first mentioned because what you see is what you will get with her and she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. If Emily and Alex were real women, I’m pretty sure that we would be hanging out together and our girls’ nights would be all about devouring a lot of delicious treats, talking about great books and inventing gadgets to make our jobs so much easier.

The Writing Style

I don’t know how Aten does it but she always manages to give me an unpredictable, thought-provoking and riveting story that leaves me hungry for a sequel. This story was no exception because I got to see the world through Alex’s eyes and I also got vivid descriptions of each character’s unique facial expressions and their behavior. Even though the story was told through Alex’s point of view, I did not feel as though it was one-sided at all because Emily’s personality and voice came through loud and clear and I could easily relate to her. The witty banter between Emily and Alex was priceless and that’s why this author has earned several coffee cup honors from me!

The Pros

This story took me deep into the heart of human memory, experiences and sensory perception. I must say that this author has done a fabulous job of blowing my mind with the way she has portrayed Alex’s pleasure when she re-discovered the things she once enjoyed before she lost her memory as well as her frustrations over the fact that she could not recall a lot of personal information about herself. At this very moment, my book dragon and I are applauding Aten because this is the kind of story that keeps us up all night long. I mean, who really needs sleep when you’ve got a captivating story like this one on your kindle!

The Cons

I have so much love for this story but I must admit that there were parts that had too much information. I thought those parts could have been shortened and tightened up because I got distracted with trying to understand all the information that was presented to me instead of fully focusing on what was happening in Alex’s life.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

I’m just going to come right out and say that this story will go down in herstory as one of the best books that I’ve read this year because this story gave me an astonishing plot twist that had me lost for words for a very long time.

If you enjoy stories that make you pause and sit back to do a lot of deep thinking, then this is definitely the story for you! I don’t think I’ll ever forget this story or these awesome women any time soon…

Excerpt from Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten

Falguni came closer and took my hand. The sensation was strange. All sensations were strange, like the feel of the sheets against my body or the way her skin slid against my own. “Alexandra, you were in an accident six months ago—”


“Excuse me?”

“I don’t like Alexandra.”

She glanced back at Doctor Jones again, even as Doctor Baumgartner began typing furiously on his laptop. I explained. “It sounds too… long. It’s very formal, don’t you think? I like Alex better.” Everyone froze and I questioned my assertion. “Is that not what you call me?” I couldn’t remember. Falguni smiled but it did not match the visual my mind remembered. This smile in comparison seemed forced. Her lips were pursed tightly, and her eyes weren’t crinkled up at the corner. She looked… sad. Distraught.

“It’s not what you preferred before the accident but I can call you Alex now if you’d like.”

I nodded. “And please continue with the reason I’m here.”

“As I was saying, you were in an accident six months ago. You were struck by a car and suffered a traumatic head injury. Mr. Turing, your father, had you transferred to the bio-med facility here at OAS after the hospital doctors determined the best course of action was to put you in a medically induced coma.”

My mind raced and I recalled the textbook definition of the affliction. “Medically induced coma: a deep state of unconsciousness to ensure protection and control of the pressure dynamics of the brain, thus allowing the brain to rest and decrease swelling.”

“That is correct, Doctor Turing. After running the most recent set of brain scans yesterday we determined that you were ready to be awakened.”

I looked from Doctor Jones back to Falguni. “Six months?” She nodded. I thought back to the last thing I could remember. I was walking with Falguni and we were talking about a breakthrough in the— “Synthetica! We had a breakthrough and…” The next image that flickered through my mind was of the two of us at a crosswalk by our favorite coffee shop. I turned to look at her right before screeching car tires pulled my gaze the other way, then nothing. “I was hit by a car.”

Her eyebrows went up. “You remember that?”

“Yes. I can see it clearly right until the moment everything went dark.”

Doctor Jones spoke up. “Is that the last thing you remember?”


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ISBN number: 9781619294431

Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

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