Recipe for Love by Aurora ReyRecipe for Love by Aurora Rey is a gorgeous romance that’s sure to delight any of the foodies out there. Be sure to keep snacks on hand when you’re reading it, though, because this book will make you want to nibble on something!

Also, before I do my own synopsis, check this out from the blurb because it’s so freaking cute and also accurate:

A recipe for love:

One cup of homespun country farmer
Two dollops of hotshot city chef
A sprinkle of funky little restaurant
Increase the heat until romance sizzles.

COME ON. I can’t with this.

Drew Davis is an up-and-coming chef who takes a job at Fig, a farm-to-table restaurant in the Finger Lakes region of New York state, seeing it as a stepping stone to dominating the New York City restaurant scene. Hannah Little owns and operates Three Willows Farms, one of several farms that supplies Fig.

Hannah loves farming and smalltown life only slightly more than she hates the idea of having to work with a big city chef. But Drew isn’t the snob Hannah anticipated, so Hannah slowly warms up to the idea of the gorgeous butch, growing ever more attracted to her.

Drew hasn’t made a secret of the fact that she has no intention of staying in the area, but she’s more than happy to spend time with Hannah, especially once Hannah starts being a whole lot nicer to her. It isn’t long before the chemistry between them sparks into something irresistible. But will Drew be able to make the right call when her dream comes knocking?

The Characters

I adore Hannah and Drew, and it’s no wonder why they fall for each other! They’re both driven, kind, and all sorts of sexy. Their character arcs are very good, especially Drew’s, since she has a major shift in priorities, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how they change and grow together throughout the course of the story.

The Writing Style

Recipe for Love has such an engaging style that I found myself sneaking extra listening time in. Also, since food is one of my love languages and I adore cooking/travel food shows, it’s like this book was made for me.

The Narration

Lori Prince did such an amazing job with this one, especially how she differentiated Hannah and Drew. Also, she totally nailed that confrontation scene and made me feel a bunch of feelings. I hope she narrates more of Aurora Rey’s books, because that voice plus that author’s words are perfection.

The Pros

Literally everything.

The Cons

I can’t think of anything.

The Conclusion

Tara's Fanfic FaveI said in my review for Lead Counsel that I needed to read more books by Aurora Rey, and whoo boy was I right. All I can say is GO GET THIS BOOK. It’s completely delicious and is going straight to my reread list.

Excerpt from Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey

[Drew] caught the kitchen door swing open out of the corner of her eye and figured it was Nick coming to check in. “I think that went well. Do you?”

“The food was exceptional.”

Drew spun around and found herself face-to-face with Hannah. She’d noticed her from across the dining room, but she looked even more beautiful close up. The outfit was a far cry from what Drew had seen her in to date. Not that she wanted to be a sucker for a beautiful woman in a dress and heels, but she was a total sucker for a beautiful woman in a dress and heels. “Thanks.” Drew paused, studied Hannah’s face. “You seem surprised.”

Hannah shook her head. “Nick wouldn’t have hired you if you didn’t have talent.”


She offered a smirk. “But I didn’t expect it to be anything I enjoyed.”

Drew quirked a brow. “Picky eater?”

Hannah folded her arms across her chest and angled one hip slightly. The posture made her even sexier than when she’d walked in, if that was possible. “No. I expected it to be,” she tipped her head back and forth, “precious.”

“Precious?” Even without knowing what Hannah meant, she knew it was an insult.

“Things arranged with tweezers. Foams.”

The snort escaped before Drew could contain herself. Then she laughed, hard. Never in so few words had she been able to sum up everything wrong with the culinary world. Eventually she stopped, and found Hannah looking increasingly uncomfortable. Drew wiped her eyes. “What made you think I’m that kind of chef?”

Hannah seemed to relax. She shrugged. “New York City, hot shot.”

It was Drew’s turn to fold her arms. “Who said I was a hot shot?”

“Nick. He wanted someone who’d shake things up, be a little edgy.”

“Huh.” She’d not gotten that impression from her interview, or from the conversations they’d had since about her approach to the menu. “Maybe edgy is relative.”

Hannah smiled at that. “Maybe.”

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Bits and Bobs

ISBN number: 9781635553673

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

Narrator: Lori Prince

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