Santas Favorite by Madeleine TaylorSanta’s Favorite by Madeleine Taylor is an erotic romance that’s guaranteed to spice up your holidays.

Lucy’s a law student who works part time as a personal shopper at the biggest department store in New York city. With Christmas just around the corner, she’s especially busy. She’s never been a fan of the holiday. The Santa-for-hire who undresses her with his eyes every time she walks across the main floor is especially galling.

When Lucy comes face to face with Santa in the break room, she comes to find out Santa’s a woman – a drop-dead gorgeous butch who makes it clear she’d love to have Lucy sit on her lap and tell her what she wants for Christmas.

Between school and work, Lucy’s got no time for a relationship, but an offer for an evening of hot sex with Santa isn’t something she’s going to turn down. Before long Lucy gets to find out it’s just as fun to be on Santa’s naughty list as it is to be on the nice list.

As Lucy gets to know the woman behind the Santa suit, her attitude about the holidays begins to soften right along with her heart. Has Lucy found her forever person or is this fling with Santa going to end once all the presents have been delivered and Santa has finished her job?

The Characters

Both Lucy and Zelda are extremely likable. Zelda’s overly confident demeanor is balanced out by Lucy’s outwardly cool behavior. As they spend more time together a real emotional bond begins to develop. I liked them both from the beginning and that just grew as I made my way through the story. They also have very interesting backstories that inform their actions as they navigate their relationship.

The Writing Style

I love how Taylor brings Zelda and Lucy to life with witty dialogue, and she inserts moments of raw vulnerability to make the women very authentic. It’s not surprising the sex scenes are off the charts hot. I’m talking H-O-T. (I’ll certainly be taking a closer look at every department store Santa in the future.) I think they are even more passionate because of the sweet moments Zelda and Lucy share outside the bedroom. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I can always rely on Taylor for an extra spicy erotic romance.

The Pros

Santa’s Favorite is full of consent – before, during, and after every sexual encounter. Taylor is always diligent about this in her books and I appreciate that. Consent fosters trust which fosters an intimacy in which love can flourish. Brava.

The Cons

Not a one.

The Conclusion

Santa’s Favorite is a fun Christmas romp that will add a bit of spice to your typical holiday library. I enjoyed reading a story centered around Santa, sex, and two gorgeous women finding love. Isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? The play on the Naughty versus Nice List will make you reconsider how you want to tally your year. I got to read lots of holiday themed romances this year which was great for my Grinch-like attitude toward the holiday. Taylor’s take on the holiday is just what I needed to finally put me in the right mood. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Santa’s Favorite by Madeleine Taylor

“So, how’s your day? I’ve enjoyed seeing you this morning.”

Noting she hasn’t answered my question, I decide not to pry any further. “You mean you’ve enjoyed staring at my ass?” I ask instead, knowing that’s exactly what she’s been doing. I’ve been having fun with Bridget’s order list, walking past her at least twice an hour. Unlike last week, I’ve loved every second of her eyes roaming over me and I even looked back a couple of times to let her know the interest was mutual. The kids love her; I observed her from the perfume counter and couldn’t help but laugh at her child-like enthusiasm as she interacted with them. Authentic or not, she does make a decent Santa after all.

“Come on, Lucy. You can’t blame me when you’re wearing a tight pencil skirt and sway your hips the way you do.” She arches a brow as she looks down at my ass. “You’re Santa’s favorite.”

“Santa’s favorite, huh?”

“Yeah. I have a feeling you’ve been a good girl. And if that’s true, Santa will take care of you.” Zelda winks in a salacious manner that sends a flutter through my core. There’s a loaded silence and it feels like the walls are closing in on us. I’m all too aware of my trembling limbs as she closes the distance between us while she continues. “But if you haven’t been good…” She pauses. “If you’ve been bad, Lucy, then Santa will gladly take care of that too.”

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