Queerleaders by MB Guel is a queer teen rom com that made my heart burst with joy.

Mackenzie Gomez is smitten with the head cheerleader, Veronica. She spends far too much time mooning over Ronnie and this does not go unnoticed by her best friend Lila and Ronnie’s boyfriend, Chad.

Mack is writing Lila a note about the many reasons why Veronica is perfect when Chad snatches it out of her hands. He ends up reading it to everyone in the cafeteria and humiliating Mack.

Fed up with the bullying, Mack retaliates and threatens to steal all of the cheerleaders from their jock boyfriends.

In an amusing series of events Mack ends up getting closer to her goal than she ever thought was possible with cheerleaders seeking her out. Not only does she get her very first kiss but she ends up turning the lives of several people upside down. And, as with every good rom com, she gets the girl in the end.

The Characters

Mack is a fantastic character. She follows her heart more than her head and I love that she stood up for herself.

Mack and Lila are sweet together and the friendship dynamic was perfect.

The cast also had a number of memorable and delightful side characters like Mackenzie’s parents. They are hilarious and perhaps a little too encouraging of their daughter’s strange escapades.

The Writing Style

This is a fun, easy and entirely charming read. Guel manages to create a story that is captivating, relatable and reminiscent of the movies in which the underdog wins.

I cannot believe that this is a debut novel, it’s just so good.

The Narration

Chloe Cannon has a fun, light style of narration that works well with the YA genre. Having read the book before listening to it I know how funny Queerleaders is and I didn’t quite feel like Cannon managed to capture that. I will admit that having listened to Lisa Cordileone doing Robin Alexander books has spoilt me in terms of comic timing and delivery so my expectations for funny books is high.

Cannon’s narration isn’t bad. It was well paced and each voice was consistent throughout, making it easy to follow the story. I enjoyed the audiobook and will absolutely listen to it again, I just wasn’t blown away by it.

The Pros

I love that they gave me all the tropes I adore while also giving it a unique and interesting twist with an unexpected but wholly satisfying ending.

The Cons

My biggest con is that Guel has only done one book. How am I supposed to fangirl and read all their books if there is just one?

The Conclusion

sheena's favouritetaras favourite lesbian booksThis book is funny, sweet, easy to read and will leave your heart two sizes bigger than when you started.

I cannot recommend this one enough.

MB Guel did a gorgeous job of taking me into the story and giving me all the feels. Absolutely get this book because you are going to want to read it over and over again.

Excerpt from Queerleaders by MB Guel

“My high school life is over.” Mack sighed dramatically. She lay on her bed, pillow over her face while Lila sat on the opposite side and flipped through a magazine.

Looking up with a squint she asked, “Don’t you have to have a life for it to be over?”

Mack threw her pillow at Lila, who just laughed and held it on her lap. She stuck her tongue out at her and went back to the magazine. Looking at the picture on the cover, Mack frowned. “Retirement magazine?”

Lila shrugged. “I like to plan ahead.” She looked up at Mack. “Hey, maybe your parents will let you transfer.”

Mack sat up on the bed, eyes wide. She forgot about her parents. Her stomach twisted and she reached blindly for Lila’s hand, holding it in a vice grip.

“My parents.”

“What about them?” Lila asked. She grimaced but Mack barely registered it.

“I haven’t told them about the whole…gay thing. Fucking shit shit Christ!”

Lila pulled her hand away and leaned forward, holding Mack’s face in both of her hands. She squished Mack’s cheeks together so that she had fish lips. “You’re having a meltdown. Your parents aren’t going to find out.”

Mack pushed Lila away, hands sliding from her cheeks as she did. “They’re in the PTA, Lila. The only people nosier than cheerleaders and football players are their parents, trying to relive the glory of high school through their children. They’re for sure gonna find out.”

“You’re such a drama queen,” Lila said. “Mike and Carol will be cool with it.” With a groan, Mack pushed her friend’s leg with her foot.

“Don’t call them by their first names. It creeps me out.”

“What am I supposed to call them? Mr. and Mrs. Gomez?”


“As if.”

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Bits and Bobs

ISBN number: 9781642471151

Publisher: Bella Books

Audiobook Publisher: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Chloe Cannon

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