Picking The Right Heart by Jade WintersPicking The Right Heart by Jade Winters is a story about adjusting to changes, finding true love and learning the art of allowing your heart to guide you instead of being guided by the expectations of others.

Adriana Darrington has to fulfil the last wish of a beloved relative. How hard can that be? It seems pretty straightforward; Adriana has to simply hand-deliver a letter to an elusive woman in order to claim what is rightfully hers.

Her effortless mission suddenly becomes complicated when her search brings forth futile results. Adriana’s luck changes when she meets Jessica—the granddaughter of the woman who holds the key to Adriana’s inheritance. Her entire life has already been mapped out for her and Adriana has enough problems on her plate. The last thing she needs is a fiery romance to derail her from fulfilling her destiny.

Both women journey the world and find way more than they have bargained for. Adriana and Jessica learn the lessons of acceptance, embracing true love and affection, living fully and making amends for past mistakes.

The Characters

Adriana Darrington is the only granddaughter of a wealthy business owner. She has everything that any woman could ever want or need until life throws a few challenges her way. I really love Adriana’s fun-loving and down to earth personality. I also love her passion for living life to the fullest and her spirit of adventure. I admire the close bond that Adriana shares with her family and she goes above and beyond in order to be there for her parents.

Jessica Wilson is a waitress at a restaurant called The Fry Up (a hangout that has seen better days a few years ago!). She has dreams of finding a better job so that she could improve her status in life. I have got to tip my hat to Jessica, she accepts the unforeseen circumstances that come her way without growing bitter and disenchanted with life. She often overthinks and worries about many things but those unique traits make her even more endearing to me.

The Writing Style

I really enjoyed the way the author gave such a vivid account of the picturesque views of the different landscapes that Adriana and Jessica explored. Her style of writing brought out the characters’ turmoil, elation, confusion and passion. The dialogue between each character was flawless and there was no lag within the story.

The Pros

I really love the way the author shared timeless nuggets of wisdom throughout the novel. I also enjoyed reading about what life is like for the wealthy and working class people of London.

The Cons

I just wished this story did not have to end, sigh…

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

I have so much love for this beautiful story! The circumstances each character faces are so realistic and heartbreaking, however, these struggles help them to grow and thrive. I really appreciated the way the author did not shy away from shedding light on the great chasm that still exists between the wealthy and the working class people. If you enjoy heartwarming romances with a bit of globe-trotting adventure thrown into the mix, then is definitely a story for you!

Excerpt from Picking The Right Heart by Jade Winters

It wasn’t until Jessica was actually sat on the luxury leather seat that she believed Adriana was telling the truth and she actually owned the Ferrari. Buckling herself in, Jessica felt like she had been caught up in a dream and any minute now she would wake up and Colombo would just be coming to an end.

“Ready?” Adriana asked, giving her a sideways glance.

Jessica smiled and nodded her head as Adriana inserted the key and started the engine. Adriana floored the accelerator and the car went forward like a rocket being launched. Adrenaline shot through Jessica’s body.

“I can’t believe this is actually all real!” Jessica shouted above the engine’s roar.

Adriana laughed.

As they sped across London, Jessica tried to imagine how it would feel to live like this. Driving around in a car that she wouldn’t be able to afford in two lifetimes. Being with a woman that could probably make steel melt if she looked at it long enough.

Just thinking about her eyes alone made Jessica shiver in delight.

Adriana stopped the car at the traffic lights. “Do you believe me now?”

“That you own this car? Yep, I can tell it’s yours by the way you handle it.”

“I hope that’s a compliment.”

“It is,” Jessica said, wondering if Adriana was as confident in bed as she was behind the wheel. She paused her thoughts to give herself a mental slap for even going down that road. Adriana probably had a billionaire boyfriend, not fiancé, because she’d already checked out her wedding finger. And even if she wasn’t attached, what was the likelihood of Adriana wanting to see her again. It wasn’t as if they moved in the same circles and could become friends. So far her gaydar hadn’t gone off. But that wasn’t surprising. Jessica was useless when it came to sussing out other lesbians.

Even so, Jessica didn’t want to part company just yet. All that awaited her at home was a cold pizza and the TV. Neither were as exciting as this. With this in mind, Jessica weighed up the pros and cons of taking Adriana to her nan’s place. If she took her there it would mean she would get to spend more time with Adriana. That in itself is more than enough. And the cons? She couldn’t think of a single one.

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