Top 10 Lesbian & Bi Pop MusiciansLost on You by LP is a pop/rock album born from the carnage of a shattered heart.  Many of the songs are emotionally raw but LP still manages to infuse her inimitable swagger into the album.  There are songs of heartbreak, songs of joy and songs that are a celebration of difference all swathed by her unique and powerful voice, unearthly skill for whistling and a ukulele of all things. 

My Favourite Songs

“Muddy Waters” is one of my favourite songs of all time.  It has a gospel feel to it, a deep thrumming rhythm accompanied by powerfully raw, pleading vocals.  This song gives me goosebumps every single time I listen to it with its incredible depth of lyrics and raw emotion.  LP’s voice varies between low and rhythmic at one moment and then explodes into incredible crescendos the next. It is a song that will course through every vein your body until your extremities are tingling and you feel your heart will burst. 

“Lost on You” is a deeply emotional song chronicling the demise of a relationship.  Rife with feelings of betrayal and frustration, the song begins with a lilting questioning of past intentions while reminiscing about the love they had shared.   It climbs steadily toward a chorus in which her voice erupts into an injured rage.  It is a gut-wrenching song that anyone who has ever felt betrayed by a loved one can relate to. 

“Other People” is best summed up as a one fingered salute to a cheating ex.  It is a rather scathing condemnation of a lover that tossed their relationship in the dumpster to ‘explore other options.’  But the song is delivered with a more sultry than angry tone.  There is also some exquisite and haunting whistling that really showcases her skill.

“Into the Wild” begins with the uplifting strumming of a ukulele and the soothing, crooning side of LP’s voice.  The chorus then explodes with intensity delivered by one powerful set of lungs.  This is my backcountry theme song, all about escaping from society and technology and running back into nature’s embrace. 

“Strange” is a wonderful anthem for all of us outsiders.  It is essentially a rally cry for people to accept themselves for who they are and rest easy in the knowledge that everybody is a little ‘strange’ in their own way.  LP really lets her vocal chords run free in this song belting out wonderfully defiant lyrics.

Highly Recommended by MichelleThe Conclusion

This album will drag you through the full gamut of emotions.  LP has a voice that can reach down into the depths of your soul and fill it with longing, heartbreak, anger and joy in equal measures.  The lyrics she writes are so very poignant and when combined with her phenomenal voice, make her music all the more powerful. 

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