All We Know of Heaven All We Need of Hell by PVRISAll We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell by PVRIS is a rock/indie-pop album. To say this album is energetic, raw and emotional would be an egregious understatement.  The ferocity of Gunn’s voice as she belts out emotional tunes dripping with melancholy, anger and passion is shattering!  The music itself is the perfect complement to her strong vocals, ebbing and exploding in unison.  This is one hell of an album.

My Favourite Songs

“Heaven,” far from being the idyllic sweet song the title implies, is a slow burning, epic song of anger and frustration.  Gunn’s voice builds into a roar and rage as she yells at her lover “you took my heaven away” Her voice perfectly expresses the frustration of a broken heart.  I seriously can’t get enough of this song!

“What’s Wrong” is a toe-tappingly catchy, upbeat sounding song, harbouring much darker lyrics.  The song is blanketed with feelings of cynism and depression but also a certain strength and acceptance.  When Gunn belts out furiously ‘No I never sold my soul’ mid song my head actually tingles. 

“Walk Alone” is a fiercer version of a ballad with vocals that range from pleading to anger to sadness.  In an interesting twist, the beautiful strumming of a harp is interspersed throughout the song, starkly contrasting the morose lyrics.  And the lyrics will tear your heart out as Gunn soulfully mourns losing a lover.

“No Mercy” has a much more intense feel to it with a rapid drum beat, harder guitars and of course Gunn’s powerful voice.  When she belts out ‘Show me no mercy’ in the chorus she’s not returning the favour!  It is a totally killer song about escaping the carnage of a break up and one of my favourite songs on the album.

“Separate” is about never wanting to be separated from lover, about the distance between heart and mind when speaking of desire.  This is a slower song with eerily echoing vocals, and soothing music with a steady beat.  It has a windswept and barren feel to it perfectly representing the feelings of loneliness in the lyrics.

Highly Recommended by MichelleThe Conclusion

This is a visceral and intimate album absolutely brimming with emotions.  The lyrics are gut wrenching, the music is solid, and the utter strength of Gunn’s voice is mind blowing.  If you are looking for something with volume and substance, then you definitely want to listen to this album.

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