Party Favors by Jaime ClevengerParty Favors by Jaime Clevenger is not your average romance book. I’m not even sure if I should call it a romance book at all. Let me explain. You, that’s right, you and your girlfriend have decided to take a week apart to see where your relationship is going. Tonight is the last night of your separation, but before this week off, you agreed to go to a party with her.

You’re pretty sure she said it was a type of costume party, so you’ve gone all out, just to let her know that you still care, and you’ve rented an awesome costume. You’re Batman! Hmmm, doesn’t quite sound the same as Christian Bale when I say it like that. The only problem is, once you’re let into the foyer at the house where you’re supposed to meet Janine, who’s still technically your girlfriend at the moment, you see that you have made a horrible, horrible mistake. Because beyond the doors leading to the rest of the magnificent house, and the party, you see that when Janine said “fancy dress party” she actually meant “formal dress party.”

She hasn’t made it to the party yet, so there’s still a chance for you to escape without anyone but the doorman seeing how foolish you’ve been. Unfortunately, just as you head for the door, a guest walks in. Now you’re stuck trying to explain. And great, now the hostess walks into the foyer and sees you. She and the guest think your costume is fabulous and want you to stay. Before you have a chance to demure, Janine walks in. She, of course, recognizes you. Your costume may have just saved your relationship. But Janine wants both of you to be sure. You both have one more night to be single, with no consequences for whatever happens. Then you’ll meet up tomorrow to talk.

This is the start of your night. Do you stay at the party, or do you leave? If you stay, do you keep the Batman costume on, or do you ask for clothes to change into? Each decision you make leads you down a new path, allowing you to meet new people, and get yourself into new situations. At the end of each branch of choices is a different erotic adventure. The only person you know is off limits is Janine! This book is a nostalgic, yet erotic and definitely adult homage to those choose-your-own-adventure books that were popular back in the ’80s.

The Characters

This book has one of the best characters ever. Me. Or rather you. It’s quite a strange and startling experience at first to be in a book, especially one with as many hot, sexy, beautiful women in it, who incidentally all seem to want you. But believe me, you’ll soon get used to it.

Other than you, and Janine, your sort-of girlfriend, there are over a dozen other women in this book that you may, or may not, get to meet, depending on your choices. I won’t detail them all, but some of them you already know, and some you’re meeting for the first time tonight. Some you’re acquaintances with, and yet, by your own choices, you may get to know them better than you ever thought you might. They all seem to enjoy your costume, though.

The Writing Style

This may be the first book in a very long time that I’ve read that used a second person point of view. That’s when the narrator tells you, the reader, what you’re doing in the story. It’s exactly like those old choose-your-own-adventure novels, but I have to tell you, this journey is a lot more fun than I ever remember those books being. By the end of the first chapter, I was used to the point of view, and was entertained and amused by what I was doing.

The Pros

The writing style is definitely a plus. It made the whole thing a lot of fun, an adventure that I really felt like I got to choose. But probably the biggest pro is all of the hot sexual encounters I got myself into. The story usually stopped after an encounter, but the nice part about that, is that if you aren’t ready to stop reading, you can simply back up to the last choice you made and go down a different path to see what happens at the end of that decision. The other thing that was fun, is that it seemed like Clevenger tried to match the encounter to the kinds of choices you made. And with over a dozen women to meet, the situations you find yourself in are varied and diverse enough that there’s definitely something for just about everyone. Some are hot and raw and passionate, and some are sensual and emotional and wonderful. And you can keep going back through until you’re sure you’ve read them all.

The Cons

The biggest con for me was that once I told my wife how many women I was sleeping with, she told me I was a bit of a slut. I totally blame Jaime Clevenger, because God, and my wife, both know that I’m not suave enough in real life to score like that.

Amy's favourite bookstaras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

In a word, this book was FUN. It made me smile, and laugh, and tease my wife. I definitely recommend it to everyone, with the caveat that if you don’t like erotica you should probably give it a pass. But not only read it, enjoy it, experience it, also find a friend, or a spouse, or even a book buddy online to talk to about it. Because you’ll want to, it’s that great.

Excerpt from Party Favors by Jaime Clevenger

Before you can argue, the door opens again and Janine walks in. She’s wearing a red dress with a slit clear up to her thigh, showing off the length of her sculpted legs, and she’s been to the salon to add a red streak to her usual light brown locks. Your first thought is whether or not she’s wearing underwear. Janine looks you up and down, and then recognition crosses her face. Her nails are manicured and her lipstick is perfect. She cocks her head, and you feel sick as she says your name punctuated by a question mark.

You raise your hand in a timid wave, melting on the inside. Tonight could not have gone more wrong.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Janine asks. Her brusque German accent is even sharper than usual.

“We’re not sure, but I’ve already told her that she has to stay,” Katherine answers. She turns to Alison and hands her one of the wine glasses. “I wanted to snatch you up before the rest of the crowd has you cornered. There’s someone I want to introduce you to.” Katherine slips her arm through Alison’s. She glances again at you and sweeps an air finger up from your briefs to your cowl. “That costume is really quite perfect. For something. Come find me later and tell me where you found it.” Katherine turns and leads Alison down the tiled marble hallway.

Janine hands her coat to the doorman who now has a wide grin plastered on his face. But he’s not laughing at you. Yet. You start for the door.

“Oh, no, you aren’t leaving,” Janine orders. Her pale skin reddens when she is upset. Or embarrassed. Tonight you’ve probably managed to make her feel both simultaneously. Her cheeks are scarlet.

You straighten your shoulders and face Janine. Chin up, you think silently. This can’t get any worse. Behind Janine, you see Alison. She’s halfway down the hall, but she’s paused to glance over her shoulder and meet your gaze.

Do you:

A) Face up to Janine and stay because you need a glass of champagne and your night can’t get any worse (read on)

B) Leave the party with a wave of your cape and an ounce of dignity (go to Chapter Nine)

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