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Pages from the Book of Broken Dreams by Kat Jackson: Listing

Emmalynn Gallagher threw caution to the wind once—and found herself in the middle of a tornado. Needless to say, she won’t be doing that again. Now she fills her life with plans and to-do lists. Having moved home for a fresh start, Emma’s facing the ultimate re-do list when she abruptly comes face to face with Aubrey Glass, the source of Emma’s teenage yearning.

Aubrey wouldn’t recognize yearning if it tornadoed into her face, but she does recognize Emma…even if she wishes she didn’t. Socializing, especially with her past, is Aubrey’s least favorite activity. She’s tender in spots no one can see and would prefer to fade into the background.

Amidst the backdrop of towering shelves of books and the persistent aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Emma and Aubrey navigate their post-high school reunion. With plenty of fumbles and missteps, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll manage to merge their paths, nor does it always seem that they want to…until suddenly, it’s the only thing that makes sense to either one of them.


Title: Pages from the Book of Broken Dreams

Author: Kat Jackson

Release date: 13 June 2024

Publisher: Bella Books

Genre and Tropes: lesbian romance, moving home, seeing your teenage crush again, finding love 



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Two women navigate their post-high school reunion and with plenty of fumbles and missteps try to find a way back to each other.



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