One Day Youll Leave Me by Debra FloresOne Day You’ll Leave Me by Debra Flores is a beautiful time travel romance that shows how the power of love can overcome any obstacle thrown in its way.

Karen is a modern day, no nonsense business woman. Growing up in a detached and inexpressive atmosphere at home, she has learned from an early age not to display emotions and to maintain a logical and practical lifestyle devoid of expression. She is on track to lead a very successful, albeit lonely, life.

Until her carefully constructed walls come crashing down around her when one afternoon a song rises above the lunch room din and grasps her attention. It is a song that somehow sends her carefully contained emotions spiraling out of control. She can’t explain why, but she must find out more about both the song and the woman singing it. Consumed by an unexplainable obsession to discover all she can about this woman, she forgoes food, sleep and even work in her quest to learn more about the singer.

Until finally, she finds herself standing in front of the tombstone of Judy Paige. But this is not the end of her journey as a mysterious stranger approaches her with an impossible proposition; an offer to meet the woman who has consumed her life for the past few weeks. She must choose between trusting the stranger or burying the roiling emotions she finally feels deep inside her. Is she willing to risk all that she has on a seemingly ludicrous proposition?

The Characters

It is hard not to feel for Karen. While she is a successful businesswoman, she is not happy and hasn’t yet been able to truly connect with another woman. Her childhood didn’t allow for displays of unseemly emotion and she was punished by her mother every time she let her emotions show (it is incredibly interesting how this is all tied together but I don’t want to spoil anything). Her obsession with Judy is completely uncharacteristic and watching her navigate the rush of feelings for this woman, feelings that she has never experienced before, is really touching.

Judith (Judy) Paige longs to be a singer. She is wonderfully sweet, innocent and caring, as well as an idealistic dreamer. Seeing her through Karen’s adoring eyes really enamours you to her character as Flores is exceptional at conveying Karen’s feelings toward her. I would have loved to have seen more of the story from her perspective.

The Writing Style

The story is told in the first person from Evelyn’s point of view which gives you great insight into her character. It enables you to join her on her journey as she experiences tumultuous emotions she has never felt before, and really pulls you into the drama. This is a well written and well-paced novel that has some very interesting and unexpected twists. It is not an angsty story in the conventional sense, but the plot still provides plenty of tension.

The Pros

I absolutely loved the musical theme in the book. I think many of us have heard a song at some point in our lives that we connected with on a deeper level. I love how Flores weaves this love story from such an event. I also really enjoyed the glimpse into the sixties and some of the comparisons and contrasts drawn between that decade and modern times.

The Cons

I would have loved to have heard more about Mr. Smith and the organization he works for. What is their purpose and ultimate goals? It is an interesting concept that I would love to see more fully explored.

The Conclusion

This is a sweet and unique story about how the power of love can transcend time and shape your destiny. If you are looking for a deeply romantic tale with an engrossing and charming premise, this book will more than satisfy your desire.

Excerpt from One Day You’ll Leave Me by Debra Flores

And that’s how it began.

This obsession that would take over my life. An obsession that shouldn’t have happened at all. I don’t know how that music cut through the noise of the cafeteria, how I heard it. But somehow it did, it had. Would I have heard it eventually? At home watching TV at a louder volume maybe? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I don’t know.

Many, many, years later I will still wonder about it.

What if I hadn’t?

But why ponder questions we’ll never have answers to?

The fact is, I did hear it.

And this is what happened because I did.

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