No Strings Attached by Harper BlissNo Strings Attached by Harper Bliss is the first book in her Pink Bean series. This toaster oven romance is sweet, sexy, and sure to satisfy (and it’s even better in audio).

Micky Ferro has been divorced for a year and her ex-husband and kids still don’t know why she ended the marriage. When her best friend, Amber, encourages her to make a change in her life, Micky gets a job as a barista at The Pink Bean. In her first week pulling shots of espresso, Micky finds herself face-to-face with a beautiful, yet difficult customer. Later that week, the bitchy American returns and asks Micky out on a date.

Robin turns out to not be bitchy at all and gives Micky the night of her life, confirming Micky’s long-held suspicion that she’s a lesbian. Robin will only be in Sydney until the end of the year, so why not accept her offer for a little fun with—you guessed it—no strings attached.

The Characters

This is Micky’s book and she’s beautifully written. Her identity had long centred on her roles as wife and mother. Carving out an identity apart from her family and coming to terms with her sexuality in her 40s isn’t easy, and the blend of hope, fear, and vulnerability is authentic and relatable. Her self-consciousness at the difference between her body and Robin’s younger, fitter body was particularly well done.

Robin is very different from Micky, comfortable with casual relationships as her job takes her from country to country. She may be ready to lay down roots, but her desire for home appears to be more about place than person. Opening herself to the possibility of a long-term relationship is huge, and I loved how she grew to make a space in her life for Micky and her family.

The Writing Style

C’mon. It’s Harper Bliss. Of course it’s well written. No Strings Attached is yet another excellent book that she published in 2016.

The Narration

I actually wasn’t sure about the narration at first. I’ve enjoyed books narrated by Angela Dawe before, but they were all in the same hetero paranormal series. Once my brain accepted the change in genre, I loved it. I can understand why some readers have said they wished an Australian had narrated No Strings Attached, but Angela Dawe did such a wonderful job that I actually ended up putting this on my favourites list!

The Pros

Everything about No Strings Attached is great, but one thing is worth noting here: it does a fantastic job of exploring the anxieties around coming out in your 40s, especially when everyone in your life thinks you’re straight.

Also that fabulous narration.

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The Cons

I can’t think of any.

The Conclusion

I loved No Strings Attached and recommend it wholeheartedly, especially if you’re looking for a romance with women who aren’t in their 20s.

Excerpt from No Strings Attached by Harper Bliss

“Why does a woman of your age work in a place like this?” Robin didn’t let up. She had the kind of voice that, Micky suspected, got a lot of things done.

“Circumstance,”Micky said, but only because she had to answer something.

Not only did Robin order the most ridiculous drink, she was also wearing an insane outfit, she’d been rude to Micky without offering an apology, and the tone she addressed Micky with was hardly convivial. Micky wanted to just get up and leave. This job was supposed to empower her, not have the opposite effect.

“Ha, you’re the mysterious type,”Robin said. “That’s okay. Color me intrigued. Will you at least tell me your name?”She had the audacity to smile seductively at Micky.

Wait. Was that really what that smile looked like?

“It’s Micky.”

Micky’s head was about to start spinning.

“Well, Micky, how about tomorrow when I come in, I ask you out? I’m giving you a heads-up because you look like the type who has to think about it for at least twenty-four hours.”

Micky’s jaw slacked. “What?”she managed to say after a few long, awkward seconds.

“Think about it.”Robin winked, then looked away and downed her coffee in a few large gulps. When she got up, she said, “I need to hit the shower and get to work. See you tomorrow.”

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  • ISBN number: 9789881490988
  • Publisher: Ladylit Publishing
  • Audiobook Publisher: Tantor Audio
  • Narrator: Angela Dawe

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Note: I received a free review copy of No Strings Attached by Harper Bliss. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.