Crazy For You by Harper BlissCrazy For You by Harper Bliss is the eighth book in her Pink Bean series. Like the rest of the series, this book can be read as a standalone, but people who wondered what happened to Jessica at the end of Love Without Limits will especially want to pick it up!

Jessica Porter’s life has been on hold for a few months while she’s been recovering from a surgery. When the book starts, she’s looking forward to seeing Laurel, an escort Jessica has hired many times before, feeling like an evening with her is the perfect gift to herself before stepping back into the hustle and bustle of running a TV network.

When Jessica opens the door, she’s shocked to instead find a woman named Liz who’s full of apologies for the agency’s communication breakdown. And although Jessica’s immediately put on edge and is ready to call off the appointment, she’s quickly disarmed by Liz’s warmth, humour, and gentle way with her.

It’s quickly clear that the two women are attracted to each other, but can Jessica really step into a relationship with Liz and accept her for who she is—including her career?

The Characters

Crazy For You is 100% Jessica’s book. It’s told entirely from her perspective, even though it’s not in the first person, so we’re only let in on her thoughts and emotions. She has a huge arc because she’s dealing with several things: accepting her body after the procedure, reconciling that she may have been experiencing depression again (in Love Without Limits we learn that she’d had a debilitating bout of it before), deciding if she’s ready for a relationship for the first time in years, and coming to terms with Liz’s career. Her journey isn’t easy and it’s definitely not always pretty. I sometimes found her difficult to like or sympathize with, especially in some of her dealings with Liz. I liked where she ended up, though, and was glad to have had a chance to read her story.

Liz is wonderful. She’s brilliant and empathetic, someone I wanted to hang out with. And while I would have loved to have gotten some of her perspective, I was still satisfied with what Bliss gave us through Liz’s interactions with Jessica. I was especially glad that she wasn’t a pushover and that she didn’t have much of a journey because she’s wonderful just the way she is.

The Writing Style

After Love Without Limits, I was very curious to know what had happened to Jessica, and I’m thrilled that Bliss didn’t disappoint! The plotting and pacing are very good and I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading it.

The Pros

I love that Bliss isn’t afraid to take taboo subject matter and show us exactly why it shouldn’t even be a taboo in the first place. She did it with Love Without Limits and In the Distance There is Light, and again with this book she’s giving us a chance to confront our biases, this time in relation to sex work.

I also appreciated seeing Jessica’s journey in coming to terms with the new state of her body. I’ve been purposely trying to avoid spoilers in talking about it, but I think she’s done something important and many women who don’t typically see their bodies in lesfic will hopefully feel represented when they read Crazy For You.

The Cons

I could not get the song by Madonna out of my head the whole time I was reading this book.

Also, some people may not love the ending. I wasn’t one of them because I actually thought it was perfect, but this is definitely one of those “your mileage may vary” kind of books.

The Conclusion

I really enjoyed this one. Even though it didn’t dethrone In the Distance There is Light or This Foreign Affair as one of my favourites, it’s an excellent installment in the Pink Bean series and I recommend it.

Excerpt from Crazy For You by Harper Bliss

Jessica inhaled deeply and turned the doorknob. In a split second she would come face-to-face with Laurel’s dark complexion, her surprisingly kind eyes—the warmth in them had always taken Jessica aback—and her easy demeanor. It was this particular quality of Laurel’s that Jessica craved most right now. Since her surgery, it seemed that no one was willing to be easygoing around her anymore. As though acting normal would somehow break her even more than she’d already been broken.

Jessica opened the door wide.

“Good evening,” the woman standing on her stoop said. A woman who was decidedly not Laurel.

“Who are you?” Jessica blurted out.

“Hi, Jessica.” The woman held out her hand. “I’m Elizabeth, but do call me Liz.”

“I was expecting someone else.” Jessica ignored Liz’s hand.

Liz nodded apologetically. “I know you’re expecting Laurel. May I come in and explain?”

“No. I mean, not before I see, er, some sort of credentials. You could be anyone.”

“I hate to say it, but I don’t have my police badge on me.” The woman produced a wide smile. She was nothing like Laurel with her soft curves and enchanting eyes. Liz was more angular. Taller. She looked somehow more unmanageable to Jessica. What the hell was going on here?

“Why didn’t the agency tell me they were sending someone else?” Jessica asked.

“I’m desperate to explain,” Liz said. “If you’ll allow me.” She tilted her head and painted on a dazzling smile.

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