No Rings Attached by Rachel LaceyNo Rings Attached by Rachel Lacey is a light gorgeous romance about one woman running towards love and another running away from it.

Lia Harris has a small problem, and her best friend Rosie knows just how to solve it. Lia, a native of the UK currently living in New York City, is set to attend her brother’s wedding. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend will be there, and she just knows her mother will continue to try to get them back together. To avoid this, she has told her mother that she’s bringing her girlfriend. Problem is, she’s single. She needs to find a girlfriend for the wedding quickly. Enter Grace Poston, Rosie’s other best friend who has recently moved to London and would do anything for Rosie.

Grace accepts the invitation to act as Lia’s girlfriend for the wedding, albeit very reluctantly. She hates weddings, and more importantly, she hates the idea of being anyone’s girlfriend, even if she’s just pretending. She agrees for Rosie’s sake, however, and she’s always been curious of the woman who holds “co-best friend status” with Rosie.

When Lia and Grace meet, there is an immediate attraction. Lia knows about Grace’s mandate about not dating however and tries to keep things light. It’s harder and harder to ignore how Grace makes her feel though. Grace is also extremely attracted to Lia but refuses to even entertain the idea of anything more than a friendship. Can Lia break through Grace’s high walls and get her to see that they are made for each other, or will Grace continue to shield herself off from love?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Before I get into my favorite parts, you should know that this is book two in the “Ms. Right” series, however it can definitely be read as a stand-alone novel.

I just loved Lia and Grace! Without giving away any spoilers, Grace has an emotional roller coaster storyline throughout this book, and the care and support she gets from Lia every step of the way is amazing.

The story is kind of a slow burn-romance, even though the attraction starts from the beginning and is acknowledged by both MC’s. I loved how the writer took the time to build the intensity between them and it really led to some steamy scenes!

I also liked how the book started out as a traditional “fake girlfriend” storyline but then the writer took the story to a much more creative and nuanced tale. The writing style was light and it was a refreshing novel, however I did find myself misting up in a few places. It never got too angsty though, which was great.

Cons And Heads Up

No cons here!

The Conclusion

Rachel Lacey did a great job with her second novel in the “Ms. Right” series. You will fall in love with Lia and Grace and their journey towards love! It was a light, refreshing read with just the perfect amount of angst to keep it interesting. Great book!

Excerpt from No Rings Attached by Rachel Lacey

“Do you . . .,” Lia said quietly, and Grace opened her eyes, because of course she wanted to talk. “Do you ever feel like everyone else is coupled up except us?

“Sometimes, but I don’t mind it.”

“Really?” Lia asked, pushing back a wavy lock of hair. “I feel so lonely sometimes, like I’m never going to find the right person.”

“It’s only lonely if you let it be,” Grace told her. “And really, how can you feel lonely when you’re surrounded by your friends?”

“That’s different,” Lia said. “I want a partner, someone to share everything with, someone I love and who loves me . . . I want what Rosie and Jane have.”

“That’s where we differ,” Grace told her, resisting the urge to roll away.

“Really?” Lia sounded surprised. “You aren’t looking for love?” She said it like she couldn’t imagine such a thing, like it was ludicrous for Grace not to buy into the notion that she needed a life partner to be happy. She was perfectly happy on her own, thank you very much.

“No,” she told Lia. “I don’t want any of that. It’s not for me.”

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