Never Enough by Robyn NyxNever Enough by Robyn Nyx is a unique blend of a blood chilling thriller and suspense with a dash of romance. This story emphasizes the fragility of life, what money can or cannot buy and the art of embracing love no matter how terrifying it may seem.   

A deranged murderer will go to the ends of the earth to keep a lucrative human trafficking ring afloat but there’s just one person who stands in the way of a mind-blowing bonanza—a do-gooder by the name of Madison Ford.

Madison Ford is a prominent investigative journalist. She decided to take a breather from covering wars in distant countries and she knew it was time for her to really start living instead of merely existing. Her long-awaited vacation ends abruptly when she receives a package loaded with damning information about a human trafficking organization. Madison is hell bent on exposing the mastermind who is behind this atrocious money making scheme. She also has to interview a famous actress who is involved in humanitarian efforts—Madison is looking forward to the interview because it would be a wonderful diversion from what she usually undertakes.

Elodie Fontaine is a household name because many women either want to date her or look like her. She calls the shots when it comes to choosing the movies she wants to act in and the women she wants to pursue. In Elodie’s world, love isn’t in the details that make up the fabric of her life because she reserves whatever downtime she has toward philanthropic work. A delightful interview brings Madison into Elodie’s life and she has two choices: she could open her heart so that she could fully embrace the love that she has for Madison or deny her feelings and continue to live a life devoid of true love and happiness.

When the killer gets too close for comfort and Madison’s life is in danger, will the love they share be enough to get them through the mounting pressure, their terror and misunderstandings?

The Characters 

Madison Ford is an investigative journalist. Her life and her career revolve around making a difference in the world by exposing the brutal truth about corrupt organizations and what life is really like in war torn nations. I love everything about Madison! The only stories Madison will pursue are the ones that will change lives and she doesn’t have a fickle bone in her body—what you see is what you will get with her (She’s definitely my kind of woman!) Even though she has a rewarding career, Madison is afraid to let down her guard and allow love to enter her heart. From the moment Madison entered the story, I knew I was a going to lose my heart to her because everything about her was raw, real and resilient.

Elodie Fontaine is a well-known actress. She devotes a lot of her free time to humanitarian work and she has no qualms whatsoever about giving back to society—all of her good deeds are genuine acts of love for her country and they are not publicity stunts. Elodie is so much more than a pretty face— she captured my heart with her generosity, her mischievous and lighthearted personality and her love of books. My list of fictional wives is growing longer each day because there’s no way that I could stop myself from falling in love with a woman who loves literature as much as I do!

The Writing Style

I have nothing but high praise and a coffee cup honor for this story and Robyn Nyx! Her debut novel grabbed my attention from the first page and it kept me captive until the last word. The author did a fabulous job of giving me a peek into the hearts and minds of each character in her story without giving me too much information. I felt as though these characters were my dear friends because the heart-breaking emotional baggage they were walking around with made me wish for the millionth time that I could have reached through my kindle to give them unlimited hugs.

The Pros

This story allowed me to have my cake and eat it as well because I got to live vicariously through a world renowned journalist and a superb actress! I think I’ll hold on to my number crunching job and leave all of the glamour that goes hand in hand with Hollywood to Elodie and the life threatening situations that investigative journalists encounter on a daily basis to Madison.

The Cons

There were scenes that contained graphic descriptions of murder, abduction and physical assault.

aprils favourite booksJeannie's Favourite BooksThe Conclusion

There’s no way that you could read this story and not get completely sucked into the Elodie and Madison’s world. If you are a sucker for fast paced, gritty crime thrillers that will make you neglect your household chores and read way past your bedtime, well fellow book lover, this is certainly the story for you. Just don’t blame me if you’re late for work the next day because you’ve been warned!

Excerpt from Never Enough by Robyn Nyx

“I’m told I’m the only actor in the top thirty-five. It seems egotistical to know that, but Paige, my agent, likes to keep me informed of these things.”

Elodie’s cheeks flushed a little, but Madison didn’t think it could possibly be embarrassment. “Probably because your success means more money for her.” Madison was glad to see Elodie nod. For all she knew, her agent might also be her best friend from high school and she might’ve taken offense. “Singers seem to dominate that particular social network. It might be something to do with music being a more accessible medium than movies.” Madison stopped herself from rambling off topic and looked to Elodie to respond to her original point.

“I’d never thought of it that way. Maybe I should give up acting and become a singer if it’ll raise the profile of my humanitarian work.”

She laughed that easy laugh again, and Madison smiled. Elodie was so entirely different from her usual interviewee. She seemed so relaxed and at ease with herself. Her genuineness almost had Madison relaxed too. Almost.

“Well, my followers who’ll be surprised are the people I’m trying to reach. Regular readers of this publication are already conscious of the issue. It’s inevitable that some people will pick it up simply because I’m in it, but that’s what me using my celebrity to raise awareness is all about. I have to reach the people who need educating about issues this close to home, instead of letting them live in a fantasy that America is the greatest country on earth and believing we don’t have a care in the world.”

“Do you think it’s a problem of ignorance or unwillingness to consider that something as heinous as slavery could be happening in our country?”

“That’s a tough question to answer without causing offence to someone, somewhere.”

As Elodie continued to speak, Madison found herself being drawn in. Not only was she a brilliant actress and incredibly beautiful, Elodie had a hint of soft vulnerability Madison had never picked up on in previous interviews or appearances. She was intrigued and wanted to know more. She had no illusions that someone like Elodie might find her even remotely attractive, and Madison wasn’t looking for a relationship anyway. But she’d be very much interested in a new friend.

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