My Little Green Girlfriend by Kimberly HartMy Little Green Girlfriend by Kimberly Hart is a quirky, intergalactic romance with something for everyone. There is a little science fiction, a healthy helping of family drama, plenty of humor, and some enjoyable sex scenes.

Sophie’s unconventional upbringing did little to prepare her for city life. With the help of her roommate Terry, she’s manages to navigate work and home life, but dating is totally alien to her. Her life consists of work, reading, and Sunday dinner with her parents and sisters. All of that is turned upside down when Marsha Green shows up.

Marsha didn’t intend to end up on Earth at all. On her home planet, Earth is considered a sixth-tier planet filled with uncivilized savages; it is largely forgotten. However, something goes wrong with her teleportation and she drops into the middle of the street with no idea where she is or how to get home.

Sophie is the first person Marsha meets on Earth. Although Sophie starts off skeptical about Marsha’s claims, she quickly realizes Marsha is telling the truth. A friendship develops between them as they muddle through the difficulties of Marsha’s situation. Soon, neither can deny the attraction between them.

The Characters

Sophie has a unique backstory that I won’t spoil for you because it is so well crafted that I want to give readers a chance to experience it for themselves. There is an innocence to Sophie that is directly related to that, and it was such a delight to see in an adult romance. While I have read a few Sapphic romances where a 30+ character is embarking on their first relationship with a woman, I can’t think of any contemporary novels with women embarking on their first relationship. There is a certain magic to that, and it drew me in to Sophie’s story completely.

Marsha is the opposite of Sophie in so many ways. While she is brand new to Earth customs, she is well versed in intimacy. I loved the exploration of Marsha’s alien customs, particularly the attitudes towards love and intimacy. Coming to Earth from a world where relationships are rarely permanent, Marsha finds the people of this sixth-tier planet have something to teach her about love.

These two complement one another beautifully and watching them learn from one another is a delightful experience.

The Writing Style

Hart’s style is a little rough around the edges in a few places, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest because I was so immersed in the characters and the plot. The dialogue and prose had me laughing out loud in places. Equally as often, the emotional moments drew me in with a realism that I wasn’t prepared for.

My Favourite Parts

I’ve always enjoyed an alien on Earth story and I can (and do) read romances every day. Blending these two elements is a stroke of genius for me. I also love a story that can bring me romance alongside science and comedy.

However, my favourite thing was reading something that is so unique, even while sticking with things I love.

Heads Up

If you’re hoping for a generous dose of science fiction in this read, you’ll probably be disappointed. This is more like a romance where one of the characters happens to be an alien. There are plenty of references to alien culture, but the science aspects are virtually non-existent.

The Conclusion

This was an enjoyable read that many people will overlook because it sounds a little odd.


My Little Green Girlfriend is far more than the cover and blurb imply. I was initially drawn to this by the blurb, then I saw the cover and decided I had to read it. Hart delivers on the promise of cute and funny that the cover suggests, but she delivers so much more as well. Unless you’re a diehard science fiction fan, you won’t regret giving this one a shot.

Excerpt from My Little Green Girlfriend by Kimberly Hart

Later, Sophie Dawson would wish she’d been looking toward the McDonald’s at that fateful moment. If she’d been in the same place at the same time but rotated one hundred and eighty degrees, that would’ve saved her a lot of confusion.

Then again, she might not have believed her eyes. Her life up to now had been comparatively mundane. Everything that’d happened to her in the past thirty-four years had followed the laws of science as she understood them.

Nothing had prepared her to watch an extraterrestrial life form shimmer into being.

So maybe it was for the best that she was standing outside the used bookstore, her head down as she dug through the rack of three-for-a-buck paperback mystery novels. Her thoughts were on the relative merits of Agatha Christie versus John Grishham, and whether she should stick with the old standard that never went wrong or take a chance on something more modern and, dare she say it, more exciting.

The first sign that anything was amiss was the voice that squeaked out, “Help.”

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