A Lovers Mercy by Fiona ZeddeA Lover’s Mercy by Fiona Zedde is part of Ylva’s Superheroine Collection, a set of standalone books by different authors, and it’s a follow up to The Power of Mercy. You don’t have to have read that one to know what’s going on in this story, but because it’s excellent too, I recommend you pick it up first.

Xóchitl’s life is more settled than it has been in years, now that she’s with her girlfriend, Mai Redstone. They have to keep their relationship on the downlow when they’re at their day jobs at the university, but even that’s not so bad. Xóchitl also hasn’t told her other enforcer teammates, instead staying focused when she’s with them on making sure they catch and punish other metas (superhumans) who step outside of the law.

Mai has a side job too as Mercy, a superhero who saves humans whenever they need her. And while Xóchitl doesn’t may not understand why Mai cares so much about humans, she loves her tender-hearted lover enough to support her. But when things start to turn ugly for Mai with her own family, Xóchitl doesn’t really know what to do. Can their love stand up when it’s put to the ultimate test?

The Characters

Because The Power of Mercy was told entirely from Mai’s perspective, we didn’t get to know Xóchitl very well. That totally changes with A Lover’s Mercy, because not only is it told from Xóchitl’s perspective, but she narrates the story to us. We have intimate access to her thoughts and feelings which gets especially interesting as she’s put through situations that are totally unfamiliar and challenge her relationship with Mai. This view into her most inner thoughts makes Xóchitl compelling even when she does or thinks things that are difficult to identify with, and I especially appreciated seeing the tenderness she has for Mai, even though she would 100% kill for her.

Mai was also excellent, although we get much less of her (as is right, since it’s Xóchitl’s story). She still has her own arc, though, and I enjoyed seeing how she and Xóchitl both become better individuals and better for each other. 

The Writing Style

This book has more threat to it than I normally like, so I had to put it down a few times to take a break. That said, it’s excellent, and even when I was pausing to give myself space, I was still thinking about A Lover’s Mercy. The pacing is quick, the story is interesting, there are some seriously great sex scenes, and there’s a twist that I didn’t see coming.

The Pros

Great story, excellent characters, beautifully written. What more could I want?

The Cons


The Conclusion

I’m glad I stepped a little out of my comfort zone! Fiona Zedde created something really special with The Power of Mercy and A Lover’s Mercy, and I recommend them both.

Excerpt from A Lover’s Mercy by Fiona Zedde

The politician lives in a nice part of town. Wide streets. A coffee shop on every corner. Dog groomers and mayonnaise shops all over the place. But that didn’t stop the guys with guns from breaking in and demanding whatever it is that these types always seem to want. The police officer on the phone seemed to think it’s more than that. Of course, he would know more about human motivations than me.

So would Mai, actually.

Following her is as easy as it’s always been. She may be able to change her shape and camouflage her body to blend into the surroundings, but she’s always visible to me now. Easily found.

The reason for it is part of my power, which is why the enforcers came knocking on my mother’s door when I was a child. Each Meta sends out a particular kind of energy on the spectrum I’m able to see. Not only is my power strong, it’s also one that few Metas can protect themselves against. Although Mai thinks I can read every mind I encounter, my power is not that. Not with other Metas who I can only sense but never read, unless I pull them into my heart and love them more than myself.

The way I love Mai.

All human minds, though, are completely transparent to me. Not necessarily their motives but their every thought is laid open for me to read and to see—if I’m interested enough to take a look. Living among humans and having that kind of ability would be agony if I weren’t able to control it. But I can, and I do. Most times, I don’t care enough what’s going on in a human’s mind to bother looking.

My thoughts about what I can and can’t do slip away when Mai arrives at the house.

Oh. The humans have a lot of guns.

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