Meka James Mechanics of LoveMechanics of Love by Meka James is an opposites attract romance featuring a well-heeled doctor and a no-nonsense mechanic.

Irene Johnson’s marriage is on the rocks. Her selfish, cheating husband has impregnated one of his girlfriends, and Irene flees to the small town of Madison to catch her breath. When Irene’s car breaks down, rescue comes in the form of old schoolmate Remi Martin.

Remi runs the only garage in town, and she has no time for Irene’s snooty ways. It appears Irene hasn’t changed one bit since high school. What Remi couldn’t know is that Irene’s meddling back in those days was the product of a secret crush. As soon as Irene sees Remi in her work coveralls, she knows the old flame is not extinguished.

For Irene, going back to Madison means facing the withering expectations of her parents and admitting to her best friends that her marriage has been a sham for years. For Remi, Irene is a thorn in her side and a potentially dangerous relationship. Remi has bills to pay and an ailing father to care for. She doesn’t plan to leave Madison, and she finds it hard to believe Irene is really interested in her, or that Irene can be unselfish enough to commit to anything besides keeping up appearances.

Can Irene find the courage to live an authentic, open life? Can Remi trust her heart to the bougie doctor from out of town?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Irene and Remi are wonderful characters. As Irene owns her fears and mistakes, she finds her power. It was so satisfying to see her growth as the book progresses. Then there’s Remi. Sweet, sweet, Remi with a hard shell and a soft center. You just know that if Irene manages to scale the protective walls Remi has built around herself, she will find an amazing love on the other side.

Another aspect of the book I particularly enjoyed was how Meka James writes friendships. Irene’s best friends Cynthia and Regina were featured in the first two (M/F romance) books of this series, and they have formed a bond with Remi over the years while Irene was away. The novel acknowledges the damage Irene has done to their friendship by not sharing her troubles, and James doesn’t shy away from including the necessary but uncomfortable conversation that follows.

Cons And Heads Up

There were no cons for me. However, readers should know that references to infidelity and infertility are included. While this is the third book in the Madison Island series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

The Conclusion

Mechanics of Love will appeal to fans of opposites attract slow burns that ultimately produce lots of heat.

Excerpt from Mechanics of Love by Meka James

“I thought you were leaving.”

“I am. And I can’t keep Mother waiting too long, but I thought you should have my number.”


She easily strolled toward me, a soft sway to her hips, holding a business card between her fingers. “Just in case. If something should happen to my car. I’ve already taken one of yours from the desk, though it only has the office number on it, no cell.”

I managed to hold back the eye roll over her once again thinking something terrible would befall her Audi if it spent one night in open air. I took the offered piece of paper from her and slid it into my back pocket without bothering to look at it. “Why would I make my cell number available to anybody walkin’ through those doors by puttin’ it on my business card? Those who need it, have it. For everyone else we have a phone out in the garage as well as in here, so calls aren’t missed.”

Irene adjusted her purse on her shoulder and a half-smile pulled her lips to the left. “Fine.” She said the word almost as if she were annoyed I didn’t offer up my personal number. There was zero reason I could think of that she’d need it. Or want it. “Regardless, mine is on the back of the card. Feel free to use it.”

She held my eye contact for a moment before turning on her heel and sashaying out the door. I took another chance to appreciate her retreating backside. The guys weren’t wrong in their assessment of her looks. Irene Johnson was what many would consider to be an attractive woman, myself included. But, unlike them, I knew her. And looks could be hella deceiving. Though someone had been able to look past her attitude, if the rock on her left finger was any indication.

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