Meant To Be Me by Wendy HudsonApril’s Summary: Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson is a compelling novel that has a unique blend of romance and suspense. It is a story about the healing power of forgiveness and opening your heart to love even though the timing may not seem right at first.

Even though Darcy Harris believes in true love and she is willing to wait for “The One”, she is having a really hard time with finding that special lady. If that wasn’t bad enough, she also has to deal with a creepy stalker who happens to know every move she makes. Darcy has endured so many losses in her childhood and she has worked really hard to build the cozy life she currently enjoys so there’s no way that she will ever allow a stalker to turn her peaceful world upside down.

Anja Olsen is Darcy’s best friend and she is going through a few life changing events that have made her question the way she has been living her life. Anja has to come to terms with her turbulent upbringing and she knows that Darcy is always ready and willing to comfort and support her.

Eilidh Grey has a knack for running into trouble or having trouble run into her but a simple twist of fate brings love, jealously and an unforeseen tragedy into her already complicated life.

What are the odds that a once in a lifetime meeting on a bridge in Inverness, Scotland, would bring all three women together in a messy love triangle? What will happen when things begin to fall apart and malicious secrets are finally exposed?

Kitty’s Summary: Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson is a romantic suspense with a psychological element.

Inverness-based engineer Darcy has had to learn to keep her guard up at all times. Having a stalker means she can’t take anything or anyone for granted, so she relies on her friend Anya when things become difficult. When she bumps into Eilidh whilst out jogging one morning, she wonders if her life may be about the change for the better. Eilidh has a completely different outlook on life, but will she be able to forge a relationship with Darcy when someone is out to ruin everything? As danger escalates they find themselves dealing with a threat that threatens and terrifies them both.

The Characters 

April: Darcy Harris is an engineer. She puts a hundred percent of herself into her job because she never does anything halfway. For her, it’s either all or nothing. There’s something so endearing about a woman who believes that the glass is always half full and that person is definitely Darcy! I fell hard for Darcy from the moment she was mentioned in the story because I just love her tenacity. Darcy wanted to live her life on her own terms and even though she was terrified, she wasn’t going to let her stalker stop her from living a joyful life.

Eilidh Grey is a physical therapist. She is passionate about helping others to maintain or regain their mobility and autonomy despite the medical challenges they have. Eilidh is such a sweetheart! She wears her heart on her sleeve and she isn’t ashamed about it. I couldn’t stop myself from swooning over Eilidh because she possesses all of the qualities I adore in a woman. Eilidh is affable, tenderhearted, fun-loving and she’s also altruistic and I’ve added her to my never ending list of fictional crushes.

The Writing Style

April: Wendy Hudson allowed me to peep into the hearts and minds of Darcy, Eilidh and the stalker. She did a fabulous job of portraying each character’s deepest thoughts without confusing me in the process. Plus, I just love the witty banter between Eilidh and Darcy! I really wished they were real women because I am pretty sure that there would never be a dull moment in my life if we were friends.

The Pros

April: This was definitely an enthralling page turner! My book dragon and I loved the fact that this superb author gave us front row seats to the budding, slow burn romance between Darcy and Eilidh. For me, there’s nothing better than a well-written romantic thriller (Wait a minute… I lied. An awesome romantic thriller series always hits the spot. Hint, hint, Wendy Hudson… I am looking forward to reading more captivating novels from you!)

Kitty: I loved the fact that the author amps up tension in the most delicious way. She does not rely on the predictable, and surprised me again and again. She scared me, but also brought me back down enough to enjoy the slow-burn romance between Darcy and Eilidh.


Kitty: The narration by Ruth Urquhart is perfect. She has a soothing, easy to listen-to voice, and it works so well here. She uses distinct voices for her characters and her accent is spot-on.

The Cons

April: You won’t get any complaints from me!

Kitty: None for me.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

April: If you’re a huge fan of engrossing romantic thrillers, then you can take these words to heart—You’ve gotta read this book because nothing about this story is ordinary or predictable. You’ll find yourself arguing with your kindle and you might receive a couple of weirds looks for your quirky behaviour. Please read this book during the weekend because this story has the potential to keep you up way past your bedtime, you’ll end up sneaking a read during your work hours and you’ll also end up apologizing to your boss for your late arrivals at work (At this moment, I am looking out for my package of ready-made excuses from Wendy Hudson. I’m sure it’s going to arrive any day now…)

Kitty: Wendy Hudson has once again brought her own spin on women loving women fiction. Her writing is beautiful and descriptive and takes the reader on a journey, where they will scale the heights of emotion. She surprises and thrills like no other. Pairing this wonderful story with Ruth Urquhart’s excellent narration worked like a charm.

Excerpt from Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson

April’s Excerpt:

An impatient voice snapped her out of the reverie, and she turned to see a harried-looking woman headed her way, muttering obscenities into her phone. It was held in place with her shoulder, while one hand balanced a tray of four coffees and the other rooted in a huge handbag slung over the opposite shoulder.

Eilidh knew she should have called out; she saw it coming. One bag strap slipped from the stranger’s shoulder, followed in slow motion by the other. As she came level with Eilidh, the weight of the bag yanked the crook of her arm and the tray toppled. In her vain attempt to save the cups of coffee, the phone dropped with a clatter alongside one unlucky cup.

“Oh shit.” Eilidh reached to catch the underside of the bag in order to relieve the weight. “Are you okay?”

The woman flinched at first, then looked embarrassed. She glanced from the precarious tray to her phone on the ground and then the bag Eilidh was holding. “Aye, aye. I’m fine. Thank you. Would you mind?” She held the tray in Eilidh’s direction, and Eilidh dutifully took it.

The woman bent to retrieve her phone, and Eilidh winced when she saw the cracked blank screen. “Not a great start to the day, eh?”

The woman shook her head. “At least it was only the boss’s coffee I dropped.” She retrieved the now empty cup from its brown puddle on the pavement and jammed it back in to the tray. “She never returns the favour anyway.”

Eilidh chuckled. “I’d call that karma, then.”

Knackered phone in bag, bag back on shoulder, with spots of coffee wiped from her sleeve, the woman was set. She reached for the tray. “Thanks again…” She drew the last word out, waiting for a name.

“Eilidh. And it was no problem…”

“Darcy.” The woman returned her name and held Eilidh’s gaze for a moment. She gestured around them with her free hand. “It’s rare I see anyone about the town this time of the morning. Especially on a Saturday. What on earth forces you out of bed to run before the sun comes up? In minus temperatures, no less?”

Eilidh patted a gloved hand to her tummy. “Christmas belly. It’s my resolution to finally get rid of it.”

“Finally? It’s only the eighth of January.”

“Ah, but this band of chub has been hanging around since at least Christmas 2011.”

Darcy laughed. “Oh, I know how that goes. Good intentions in January, then suddenly you’re scoffing chocolate eggs the entire Easter weekend.”

“Exactly,” Eilidh agreed. “Then it’s summer barbecues and beer gardens, followed by an autumn of eating half a loaf with every bowl of broth.”

“And then we’re back to Christmas.” Darcy nodded her resignation. “I feel your struggle. It’s a vicious circle.”

“Indeed. Hence the six a.m. self-inflicted pain regime. What’s your excuse for being up at this ungodly hour on a weekend?”

“Conference call to Hong Kong. They’re seven hours ahead and, apparently, it’s urgent. So…” Darcy took a cup from the tray and offered it Eilidh’s way. “I can only offer black, no sugar, I’m afraid. I’ll never survive if I don’t get my fix, and my work pal will be raging if she doesn’t get hers either. The other guy. Meh. He’ll live.”

Eilidh waved her away. “Not for me, thanks, and also not necessary. Honest. I need to get moving again and get home before I start seizing up in this cold anyway.”

“Okay, well, thanks again for your help.” Darcy glanced at her watch. “Crap, I better get a move on too. It was really nice to meet you.” She held Eilidh’s gaze for a moment longer and seemed about to say something more before changing her mind.

Kitty’s Excerpt:

Darcy craned her neck toward their boss’s office. The door was shut, and being Saturday, no one else was around. “I think I may have got myself a date.” “A date? Really?” Anja seemed surprised, which irked Darcy a little. “I thought you were done with that given the last disaster.”

She waved her hand dismissively. “Who hasn’t said that after a break-up? Or a no-show, as the case was last time. And the time before that.” “And the one before that,” Anja added with a wry smile. “Whatever.” Darcy wasn’t deterred. “We all know it really means: done with it until the next one comes along. Or jogs along like this morning.” “You were jogging?” Now Anja’s eyebrows had shot to her hairline. “Seriously, what’s wrong with you?” “Cheeky bitch. She was jogging, I was on my way to work. She helped me out when I dropped the boss’s coffee, and my bloody phone, so to say thanks I asked if I could buy her a cup sometime.”


“It wasn’t really. But she said yes, so that’s all that matters.”

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