Love Like This by Melissa BraydenLove Like This by Melissa Brayden is the final installment in the Seven Shores romance series. You don’t have to have read the other three to read this one, but you should anyway because they’re all SO GOOD!

Hadley Cooper has watched her three best friends find the loves of their lives and she knows hers is out there somewhere—she just has to find her. And except for her absent love life, things are good. Her dads are awesome as always, her amazing friends adore Hadley for her heart-on-her-sleeve self, and she’s the assistant manager at Silhouette, an upscale boutique on Rodeo Drive. Her job would be perfect if only she could find the right new designer to feature in the store and help change its image to reach a younger clientele.

After getting a hot tip from Gia’s girlfriend, Elle, Hadley reaches out to up-and-coming designer Spencer Adair, whose fresh and edgy designs might be just what Silhouette needs. Sparks fly when they meet, with each woman finding the other attractive. Things get especially interesting for them when Hadley tells Spencer that Silhouette will consider her designs if she can quickly make some revisions, and offers to help. Spencer isn’t used to compromising, but there’s something about Hadley that has her agreeing to try. Now she just has to figure out what to do with all the feelings that pop up whenever she’s around Hadley…

The Characters

Because Hadley has been the heart of the group throughout the Seven Shores series, taking care of everyone else, it was a delight to see her finally find her own love. She and Spencer are total opposites, both in who they are as people and what they expect when it comes to love. The way they flex and grow, and how that’s underpinned by the most delicious chemistry, is just perfect. I especially loved seeing Spencer gobsmacked at times by Hadley and how her take-control side can came out, revealing that there’s more to Hadley than the happy-go-lucky person that everyone sees.

We get plenty of time on the page with Gia, Autumn, and Isabel, as well as their lovely partners. People who have been following along since the beginning will be thrilled to see how everyone’s stories play out to their fullest. I particularly appreciated seeing how the group supported Hadley in this story, since she’s been such a rock for all of them and I’m a little sad that we won’t get to see more of this incredible group of friends!

The Writing Style

There’s a lot to love about how Love Like This is written. It has the usual engaging dialogue and adorable romance that can be found in any Melissa Brayden book. And, like the rest of the series, it has some of the best friendship writing going. It’s sweet and sexy, with enough angst to keep things interesting, but not enough to hurt you. It’s a totally enjoyable romance that’s would be a perfect beach read.

The Narration

Melissa Sternenberg did not disappoint when she narrated Love Like This! She really was the perfect choice for the entire series since she gives all the Seven Shores leads their own distinct voice and brings everything to life so beautifully. I highly recommend getting this and all the other books in audio.

The Pros

Everything? I mean, what’s not to love? The characters are wonderful, the writing is excellent, and it’s a lovely story that’s super easy to sink into.

The Cons

There are no more Seven Shores books! 😭

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

Love Like This is the perfect ending to a wonderful series. Read it, love it, and then share it with all your friends. I’ll be coming back to all four books stories and again, and while I’m sad that we won’t get more books with these characters, I’m eager to see what Melissa Brayden has in store for us next!

Excerpt from Love Like This by Melissa Brayden

“Hey there,” Hadley said, beaming. “Come in! Come in! I hope you had a fantastic day.”

“It was decent enough.”

“Decent falls in the win column.” She gestured behind her. “We can either work in my office, though it’s sort of small, or on the second level around the couches, which are likely more comfortable.”

“Couches and comfort sound good,” Spencer said easily. She took in the boutique as they moved through the space, always intrigued when she got to step behind the scenes and see the inner workings of fashion. Silhouette, all closed up for the night, was dark and cozy, the clothes waiting patiently for the next day’s wave of customers to look them over. There was a magical quality there that inspired a shiver to dance delicately across Spencer’s skin. She smiled at the goose bumps.

“What’s got that faraway look in your eye?” Hadley asked.

She hesitated, searching for a substitute answer, but changed her mind when she saw the warm expression on Hadley’s face. She did something that she never did, and let Hadley in. “I get a kick out of stores after hours. Weird, maybe.” She shrugged. “There’s something mysterious and inspiring about them. Romanticism at work. Gets my fur up. It’s dumb. Ignore me.”

Hadley stared at her for an extra beat, as if something she’d said had struck a chord. “I don’t know that I’ll ever look at this place the same way again. I love that,” she said softly, and Spencer allowed herself to take in how truly blue Hadley’s eyes were. The fancy descriptors for blue eyes—azure, cobalt, sapphire—didn’t work here, as Hadley’s eyes were the truest form of blue she’d seen. To call them anything else would detract from their purity. “You have pretty eyes,” she heard herself say. Apparently, Hadley conjured up extreme honesty.

“Me?” Hadley asked, her eyebrows shot up. Her cheeks showed a glimpse of pink.

“You,” Spencer said calmly, wondering why she’d again felt the need to share her thoughts so openly. She settled on the fact that Hadley seemed so nonthreatening, so warm, that there was very little to guard against. The quality was refreshing and alarming at the same time. She made a promise to herself not to sign over her bank account or anything parallel during their time together.

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Seven Shores Romance

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Love Like This

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  • ISBN number: 9781635550184
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Melissa Sternenberg

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