It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon is a novella that Lydon is giving away for free when you subscribe to her newsletter. Normally, I don’t promote free books because they tend to be such poor quality, but this one…this one is epic.

Georgia and Milly are in a relationship and Milly wants Georgia to come home with her for Christmas. Georgia worries that their significant age gap will be a problem, she is old enough to be Milly’s mother and she is not convinced that she will have a lot to talk about with Milly’s family.

Who’s to know that the simple act of meeting the family will turn lives upside down as the past comes to back to haunt them all.

The Characters

Georgia is the main character in the story and she goes through one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. Her current girlfriend, Milly is a twenty something who plays a small but significant role in the story. She is, in many ways, a catalyst for all sorts of events.

And both characters are superbly written. The character work in this book is astounding, considering that it is not a full length novel.

The Writing Style

Lydon, as usual, has a light, clear use of language making this an easy read. Her pacing was superb and kept us turning the pages as we were blown away by what was happening in the story. (My wife read it to me and I can tell she is really enjoying it when she starts yelling at the characters in the book.)

The Pros

This is one of the best novellas that I have ever read. I am always a little unsure about novellas because you don’t have the time to develop the characters but this one was ridiculously well done. I think it may be Lydon’s best book to date.

The Cons

I loved this book and have no cons.

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The Conclusion

There  is no reason whatsoever to not get this book.

Lydon is giving it away for free when you sign up to her mailing list. I am on her mailing list and you will get free books, discounts and notifications when she publishes something new.

So, go do it right now – you can sign up here.

Excerpt from It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon

She’d lived the Christmas she’d dreamed off all her life, and it has taken her till her late 40s to work out exactly what she wanted: peace and quiet.

But now, here she was aged 54, going to the house of her 23-year-old lover. Every time she said it in her head, she winced.

When they were together, alone, she never questioned it. Milly was Milly. Beautiful, porcelain-skinned Milly. And Milly didn’t blink an eye, which meant she’d managed to lull Georgia into a false sense of security. But how would she feel if one of her nieces brought home a woman old enough to be her mother? Mortified, for her niece and for the woman.

A ball of nausea worked its way up her windpipe. Milly had been so convincing, has assured her that her family were very open-minded, that it simply wouldn’t be true. She knew the looks she’d get. So she just had to be confident, assertive, and try to win them over with her charm. She took a deep breath as she gripped the steering wheel of her Mercedes.

“You okay?” Milly placed her right hand on Georgia’s thigh, which made her grip the steering wheel that little bit tighter. Oh dear god, that hand. That hand had done wicked things to her this morning, and heat surged between her legs as they ran through her mind again, like some never-ending sex tape.

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Note: I received a free copy of It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon, she was not expecting a review but it was so good, that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you about it.