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Lesbian couple Jaida and Melinda have a happy non-conventional marriage. Jaida has worked hard to own her dream business and Melinda has finally found her passion while taking on the maternal responsibilities. Being part of the BDSM community early on in their relationship and getting through divorces in their late twenties never stopped them from finding their unique love and passion for each other.
The struggles of a queer integrated family and having a child of their own has completed and fulfilled their life until their past finally catches up with them and everything they have worked for could be gone.

This book brings raunchy and shocking erotic scenes, obsession, trauma and betrayal.

Will the trauma and persons of their past come back to haunt them? Can they get through anything together?


Title: Imperfect Obsession

Author: Blossom Whitworth

Release date: 8 January 2024

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: Lesbian, Sapphic Erotica, BDSM, Romance Thriller

Available on KU: Yes


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Would you forgive the unthinkable for your one true love

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