Heart Of The Pack by Jenny FrameHeart Of The Pack by Jenny Frame is the story of finding love in the most unexpected of places. When Selena Miller accepts a job in Wolfgang County she is looking for peace and quiet away from her mother’s constant criticism of her. She is hoping to gain some independence and overcome the anxiety that often overwhelms her.

When Caden Wolfgang is put in charge of overseeing Selena she is confused by this human. As second in command of the Wolfgang pack, Caden is used to having her orders followed without question. Putting her personal hatred of humans aside is difficult but when she sees that Selena isn’t eating she becomes concerned and tries to force the matter. Selena does not take kindly to the orders and refuses to let another person bully her like her mother does.

The battle of wills begins but when the pack is threatened by an outsider looking to kill the Alpha, Caden is torn between protecting the human and keeping the pack safe.

The Writing Style

Jenny Frame writes a very particular kind of book. It is a simple, fun read. Don’t look for hidden depths there aren’t any. This is the kind of book you take with you on vacation and read on the beach because it’s a light, fun reader listen with loads of drama.

I love these books for exactly that, pure entertainment. This one is a butch/femme romance that is tons of fun.

The Narration

The narration on this audiobook started a little slowly for me but within about 10 minutes I was happily engrossed in the story. The overall narration was pleasant and worked with the story.

It wasn’t the best nor the worst narration but it was very doable.

The Pros

I particularly enjoyed the inner battle that Caden fought over being attracted to Selena. It was very sweet. I also loved the sense of community that the Wolfgang pack shared.

The slang used by the teenagers was a delightful addition, I like when authors go to effort of adding touches like this when they are world building.

The Cons

I don’t like the cover. It doesn’t do the book justice.

The Conclusion

When you want something that fun and entertaining that is easy to listen to with a nicely dramatic romance then pick up a Jenny Frame. This one is no exception. I really enjoyed it.

Excerpt from Heart Of The Pack by Jenny Frame

Selena walked into the large glass-fronted building owned by Vanator. She saw the reception desk ahead, and the well-dressed, pretty girl who tended it. She dreaded talking to new people, and today would be one introduction after the other. Best to get started.

She looked down at her letter of introduction from her old job, ready to hand it to the receptionist, and her hand shook with nerves. Selena observed the large foyer filled with smart professionals, coming and going to offices and the elevators, and wondered how she could ever fit in a busy place like this. She never would.

Selena turned to make her escape – now, before she had a total meltdown. The security guard gave her a strange look, seeing as she had only just come through the door.

The look stopped her in her tracks. They don’t know anything about me. I can do this. She rummaged in her purse for her pen case, and counted them out, one by one. She closed her eyes and took a breath. This was her chance.

She adjusted her glasses and made herself turn and walk back to the desk, before she could change her mind.

“Good afternoon, ma’am. Welcome to Venator. I’m Kyra-how can I help you?”

Selena stood rigidly still and forced herself to talk. “I start here next week…and I was told to come in at” – she mentally calmed her racing heart and prayed she wouldn’t hyperventilate and embarrass herself further – “at four thirty, to get my security passes and things.” Selena thrust the letter forward and hoped no more explanation would be necessary.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781626395664
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Narrator:  Krystal Wascher

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