good enough to eat by Alison Grey and JaeGood Enough To Eat by Alison Grey And Jae is a unique and adorable tale about two supernatural beings who come together and they are not what they say they are, humans.

Robin Caldwell is a vampire and she needs blood to live. A near death experience for one of her victims leaves Robin scarred and unwilling to drink human blood any longer. She turns to synthetic blood but it just isn’t the same.

Seeking help on how to control herself, Robin joins an AA group to get a better understanding of how these people fight and control their urges. There she meets Alana Wadd who becomes her sponsor. Against the rules of AA they begin to fall for each other, but each has a secret.

Each woman is too wrapped up in the other’s company to notice the small clues that something is a little off about each of them.

The Characters

Robin Caldwell, a vampire, is dealing with a tragic event from New Year’s Eve where she almost drained and killed a woman. She is isolated and alone, being the only vampire apart of her clan that refuses to drink human blood. She refuses to give up and I love that about her.

Alana Wadd is like a little bull dog. She doesn’t give up easily and is a strong character. She suffered through a bad break up and had turned to gin, which is the reason why she wound up in AA. I liked Alana because she is like me. If there is something she wants she goes and gets it, if there is a question she wants answered she asks it. There is very little that can throw this woman off track.

Dahir doesn’t have too many appearances but she is Alana’s best friend and my favorite. She is light hearted and funny. I really enjoyed her due to the inappropriate tricks she pulls on Alana.

The Writing Style

This book flew by in an instant. The story read quickly and smoothly and focused on the main characters and plot. The book kept me engaged throughout.

The Pros

I love stories that stay on point, which this book definitely did well.

Also there is an adorable aspect to the book where Robin is a writer. She writes romance novels about vampires and humans. Alana eventually winds up picking up her books and reading them, which makes her start to think that Robin might not exactly be looking at her chest.

The Cons

I have no complaints.

The Conclusion

This is an adorable paranormal romance with a unique twist to it. I recommend it to all lesbians who enjoy vampire paranormal novels.

Excerpt from Good Enough To Eat by Alison Grey and Jae

Alana rubbed her forehead for the umpteenth time. How on earth could she get her client Mrs. Schultz to agree to… Oh no, not now. Not here.

The familiar high-pitched sound that proceeded Dahir’s appearance rang through the office. Dahir materialized, perched on Alana’s desk . She raised her hand and wriggled her fingers in greeting. “Hi, girlfriend.”

Through clenched teeth, Alana asked, “What are you doing here? I told you you can’t come…”

A knock sounded seconds before the door swung open.

Dahir quickly transformed herself into a stack of files on Alana’s desk. Grace stuck her head inside the office. “Did you say something, boss?”

“Uh, no. Just talking to myself. This new case is driving me crazy.” She pointed at the top file.

“Ah. I’ll just ignore the muttering, then.” Grace nodded but paused when her gaze fell on the stack.

Alana looked in the same direction and froze. On top of the Dahir stack was a catalog of sex toys for women. If she weren’t immortal, I’d kill her!

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Bits and Bobs

ISBN number: 978-3955332433

Publisher: Ylva Publising

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Note: I received a free review copy of Good Enough To Eat by Alison Grey and Jae for review. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.