Fur and Fangs by Rae D MagdonFur and Fangs by Rae D. Magdon is a modern day urban fantasy/paranormal romance. This is a review for Volumes 1-10.

Fur and Fangs is about a werewolf from Rural Georgia meeting a beautiful and vibrant vampire on the New York subway. They take a chance on each other and we see the progression of their relationship in a series of chapters, alternating between the viewpoints of each. I believe Fur and Fangs started as a serial, and this edition put volumes 1-10 together into one story.

The Characters

I didn’t like the characters, I ADORED them. Riley Evans is cute and adorable, sweet and shy, and just a wee bit naïve. On the other hand, Isabeau “Izzy” LaCour is bold, a little jaded, and she hides her depression with a perpetually upbeat personality. While very different people, Riley and Izzy are well matched as a couple. You don’t see any of the lives of the secondary characters, but we are introduced to three main ones. Perhaps I read into it more than I should have but Colin, the transgendered selkie man represented Riley’s past to me. He was her work friend, and closest friend in NYC. Then we see Elysse, who is Izzy’s coworker and best friend. But somewhere during Riley and Izzy’s courtship, Riley meets a new friend, Li Min. Li Min is nonbinary and they open Riley’s eyes up to an entirely new word of possibility. The two wolves become friends. I feel like the friendship with Colin represents who Riley was, while the new friendship with Li Min is who Riley is becoming. Both are important.

Overall I liked the diversity, and I especially like the way both Riley and the reader are eased into a changing personal dynamic. The transition of Riley’s way of thinking before and after was smoothly done and natural.

The Writing Style

This isn’t a fast-paced romp, nor some action-filled adventure. This is a sweet story about what happens when two people meet who are good for each other.

Each chapter gives you a new glimpse at their lives and there was never a moment when I got bored. They alternate between Izzy and Riley’s points of view. Some won’t like that but in this instance I thought it was a good addition to show inside the mind of each main character. The sex certainly helped keep me intimately involved as well. Fur and Fangs was well written and well rounded. There were no disjointed sections or moments of lull when I could have checked out as a reader.

The Pros

I loved the characters most of all. I have always held a fondness for diametrically different mains, possibly stemming from my Xena/Gabrielle days. And while both Riley and Izzy had their issues and insecurities, they were stupidly adorable together. They worked so well and made me want to know them and cuddle them in real life.

The other thing I loved was the fact that this book (or collection) was nothing more than a sweet fantasy romance with little to no angst. I’m not a fan of drawn-out drama, breakups for the sake of artificial conflict, or other such things. A good romance with character development, hot sex, and a steady progression of relationship for me is like…just getting the good stuff. Some people like the sour part on the outside of a warhead, before they get to the sweet candy inside. I don’t.

A final note as a pro, there is a lot of sex. It’s hot, well-written, and it explores the changing gender and sexual landscape between the main characters. The female parts stay female parts within this novel. That may be something important to note for potential readers. There is no Transgender transition for either main character in this book.

The Cons

I want more! While this wasn’t a terribly short read, I always want more when I fall in love with two great characters like Izzy and Riley. And despite what I said on my pros list, I’m not sure how far this series will go without more challenges along the way.

The other con, though admittedly not for me, people may be disappointed because they’re used to seeing some sort of action or other battle type conflicts when it comes to paranormal or urban fantasy. Not going to get that in Fur and Fangs. (Not that I care, LOL)

Final note as a con, there is a lot of sex. I know it was pro for me because I wanted the light and sexy romance with a speculative fiction twist. However, the level of heat in Fur and Fangs may not be for everyone. I believe it’s listed as erotica on Amazon, though I wouldn’t consider it pure.

The Conclusion

Before Fur and Fangs, I’d only read one other Magdon book and that was Lucky 7. It was one of my favorites in 2018. Fur and Fangs couldn’t be more different from that book when it comes to storyline and plot arc. The world is different (kind of like now but with fantasy creatures), and the characters are a lot softer. But one thing I admire about the two books I’ve read by Magdon is the sheer diversity of characters. Magdon builds this queer community and doesn’t just rest there. With the community we get their thoughts and feelings, their take on what it’s like to be queer in variety of different flavors. Applauded, appreciated, and adored. Thank you.

If you want something a little softer, a lot cuter, and a wee bit off the beaten track, take a peek into the lives of Riley and Izzy. This one’s got the #Feel and #Discuss tags.

Excerpt from Fur and Fangs by Rae D. Magdon

I wake up to warm lips on my neck and cold fingers dancing along my side. I squirm, unsure whether I want to press into the ticklish touch or pull away from it. Eventually, I press into it, and I’m glad I do. Isabeau pulls me closer, pressing her breasts into my back.


I turn to look over my shoulder. Isabeau’s hair is more flyaway than usual, and her hazel eyes still look sleepy. I kiss the tip of her nose. “Hey yourself.”

Her beautiful smile stretches all the way across her face. “About last night…”

I hold my breath. Even though I know Isabeau can’t possibly be freaked out now after spending the whole night by my side, my reflex is to cringe. My mind starts racing. It’s like Cindy Lou Castle all over again.

“Thank you, Riley. For trusting me.”

“Yeah?” I exhale heavily. “Well, thanks for stayin’.”

She laughs softly. “I still say you look like a golden retriever.”

“You don’t have no room to talk. You’re a bat. At least golden retrievers don’t eat bugs.”

“Well, mosquitoes and I do have a lot in common.”

I roll over beneath Isabeau’s arm so I can face her. “Naw. Their bites itch. Your bites…” The bed’s still warm from our nap, but I can’t help shuddering. “Well, you won’t hear me complain.”

Isabeau’s smirk shows the tips of her fangs. “Really? Because I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon.”

“Say no more.”

I wiggle closer, tilting up my chin and scooching so my shoulder is near her mouth.

“Are you sure? I know you must be tired.” But there’s a flash of hunger in her eyes I can’t ignore.

It’s my turn to wrap my arm around Isabeau’s waist. “It’s fine. I don’t mind being your midnight…uh…” With the windows closed and my phone who knows where, I can’t actually tell what time it is. “Noon snack?”

“It’s closer to four. We’ve been out for almost ten hours.”

“That makes it your dinnertime. Close enough.”

Isabeau moans with gratitude. Her lips graze my collarbone, just kissing at first, and heat coils in my belly. She’s bitten me a couple of times now, but it still makes me nervous. Not the bad kind of nervous, more like the kind when you’re about to go down a waterslide head first and you don’t have full control.

I moan as Isabeau starts sucking the crook of my throat. She’s found a spot; I can feel her running the sharp tips of her teeth over it, but she doesn’t sink them in. She’s teasing.

“Please?” It’s embarrassing to beg, but I’m not too proud either.

Her fangs pierce my neck and my hips give a jolt. My body is suddenly flooded with warmth. The heat starts at the top of my spine, radiating down my arms and legs, finally settling deep in my pelvis. A low throb starts there, pulsing in time with the blood Isabeau is drawing from me.

While she drinks, I pet her hair. It’s extra fluffy after our nap, and as I stroke it, she makes a pleased little moan against my skin. The soft vibration shoots right between my thighs. The heat there is starting to get sticky. Isabeau must realize, because I can feel her full lips smiling around the sensitive patch of skin she’s sucking.

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I wouldn’t say this was part of a traditional series, but I think it is a collection of shorter serials that easily read as chapters so this felt like a seamless book. That being said, I don’t know if there will be more volumes, but I sure hope so.

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