Vellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLanceyVellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLancey takes place on Alsea but it is readable without having read books one, two and three.

Vellmar is the daughter of the most famous blade thrower in all of Alsea. Her mother has been teaching her how to throw blades ever since she could tell which end of a knife is the blade and which end is the handle.

Now that Vellmar is older she is ready to enter the Games and compete against her mother. In the end it comes down to micro second decision for Vellmar to either take the championship or lose the glory and show compassion.

The Characters

Vellmar is a warrior with a compassionate heart. She is so sexy with her leg tattoo and tall height. I just love me a tall warrior. I drooled a little when I found out Vellmar was going to get her own story.

The Writing Style

It’s told as a bedtime story from a father to his kids. I did find it amusing though because the author shows how stories are changed when they are passed down from generations from what happened in the real events compared to how people re-tell the tale.

The Pros

It’s about Vellmar! That’s all I need to say! Fletcher DeLancey can really write a strong sensuous woman.

The Cons

I’d be a fool to say there were any cons! A FOOL I TELL YOU!

The Conclusion

I’m extremely satisfied with this book. When I read about Vellmar in the Chronicles of Alsea series I dreamed of a day where I could read a story solely about her. Fletcher DeLancey made that dream come true with all the finesse of a seasoned pro.

Excerpt from Vellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLancey

“What would you like to hear, Milena?”

She flipped onto her side and propped her head on her hand, eyes sparkling. “The Fall of Blacksun!”

“That’s a war epic, not a bedtime story.”

“But it’s exciting.”

“Yes, and it would take a nineday to tell it. Choose something shorter.”

“The Last Charge of the Defenders!”

Jandahar could never understand where his daughter got her bloodthirstiness. “I think bedtime is not the best time for stories of war and death.”

“But they didn’t all die.”

“Why don’t you choose a story in which no one dies?”

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