Netflix's First KillFirst Kill is a campy vampire-falls-for-hunter sapphic teen show on Netflix and I am so here for it.

Juliette is a vampire from a long line of Legacy Vampires, born into the vampire life rather than being made a vampire. Legacy’s can walk in daylight, eat normal food and are seemingly impossible to kill.

Juliette has a problem. She has to make her first kill and until she makes it and feeds properly she gets increasingly bad headaches. She is a sweet girl next door and doesn’t really want to kill people so she puts off the inevitable for as long as she can.

Calliope, the new girl in school, is from a long line of monster hunters. They are the best in the business according to her. She is desperate to make her first kill but she messed up when she tried and now her family don’t think she is ready. Calliope is just itching to prove herself.

Juliette has a big crush on Calliope. She moons about while thinking of her, gets all nervous around her and is otherwise a cute little teen in love. Her best friend, Ben, intervenes on her behalf and invites Calliope to a party. At the party he prompts a game of spin the bottle and stops the bottle so that Calliope and Juliette are sent to the pantry to make out.

Sure, it gets hot and heavy but also a little twisty.

And if it’s not complicated enough that they come from different worlds add to that a powerful and ancient sect on each side, domineering families who hate one another, and the drama of being teenagers and you have a fast paced fun TV romp that’s light and sweet and not at all serious.

The Technical Side

I love the title song, it’s so ear wormy!

First Kill is well shot and edited, the production value is high, as one expects from Netflix.

The script could have been better. I am not averse to the premise or even most of the dialogue but I would have enjoyed a little less predictability and more witty banter. Still, this isn’t that show.

My Favourite Parts

I loved how sweet this show is. It’s so far removed from the real world and even though some powerful beings are at work it is nowhere near the level of drama it could be. I liked how much both families obviously loved the girls and I was so here for the sapphic romance.

I am particularly a fan of girl next door characters and Juliette is an adorable little vampire.

Heads Up

The romance is the central plot of the story. It forces the two worlds to clash. But there is nowhere near enough actual romance plot for it to be considered a romance. There are three scenes or so where they make out a little and they do look longingly at one another but there are a lot of other plot lines that take priority in the story.

The Conclusion

Starring Sarah Catherine Hook as vampire Juliette and Imani Lewis as vampire hunter Calliope, the series is based on the short story by V.E. Schwab who also wrote the screenplay for the series.

Take the show as a super light, not at all serious, campy show and you will love it.

It’s absolutely meant for teens, but I enjoyed just how light and sweet it was. I would have watched it on repeat when I was a teen.

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Bits and Bobs

Writers: V.E. Schwab

Actors: Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis

Number Of Seasons: 1 so far

If you enjoyed the campiness of First Kill then you should also look at this book. It’s not supernatural but it’s hilarious and absolutely campy fun







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