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Willow: TV Series Review

Willow the TV Series is a gosh darn treasure! It is an epic sword and sorcery fantasy series that takes place after the events from the exciting 1988 movie of

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First Kill: TV Review

First Kill is a campy vampire-falls-for-hunter sapphic teen show on Netflix and I am so here for it. Juliette is a vampire from a long line of Legacy Vampires, born

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The Wilds: TV Review

The Wilds is an angst-driven show about nine teen girls, headed to a women’s empowerment retreat at the behest of their parents. Their plane crashes, and they become stranded on

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Fear Street: Movie Trilogy Review

Fear Street is a horror movie trilogy featuring two main lesbian couples and I loved every second of it. Film 1: Fear Street 1994 This is a slasher flick so

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The Mighty Nein – Critical Role Campaign 2: Web Series Review

The Mighty Nein is the second campaign of the live dungeons and dragons streaming show Critical Role. You will find more character growth, queer rep and amazing storytelling than you

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Juliantina: TV Review

Juliantina is the couple from the show Amar A Muerte which was a one season Mexican Telenovela. The couple in this storyline are Valentina and Juliana. Val is a wealthy

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City of Trees: Movie Review

City of Trees was released in 2019, and in retrospect, I cannot tell you why I waited so long to watch it. Ainsley is an angsty twenty-something returning to the

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DEBS: Movie Review

DEBS is a quirky, fun romp through the world of the D.E.B.S, an elite team of paramilitary college super-spies. The top DEB is Amy Bradshaw and when Lucy Diamond, a

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