Falls From Grace by Ruby Landers is a beautiful celebrity romance set in the mountains of majestic Vermont.

Savannah Grace’s star has fallen. For the last decade, she’s been a member of the hit country band Twice Struck until her high-profile marriage to her bandmate and co-writer shattered to pieces. She’s fading from the spotlight and she’s trying to keep her head above water in both her personal and professional life.

Brynn Marshall has had a rough few years. After dropping out of med school, much to the chagrin of her family, she’s been floating around LA trying to find a sense of purpose. When she finds out she’s being evicted, her best friend – indie musician Noah Lyman – refuses to let her mope. After all, he’s just got his big break: co-writing with a megastar (even if she doesn’t know who the woman is)!

Savannah is intent on getting her solo career off the ground and breaking out of her country music chains. There’s no better way to go about it than spending the Winter in her secluded vacation home in the woods of Vermont. And what better way for Noah to help out a friend than to pretend he’s bringing along his wife?

Honestly, what could possibly go wrong?


Ruby Landers has grabbed my attention with Falls From Grace! She’s created an engaging story with a (reverse) fake relationship whose main characters are multidimensional with strengths and challenges. The majestic Vermont winter is described in such a way that I could feel the cold on my skin, smell the pine trees, and see the snow-capped landscape. I was right alongside Savannah on her runs and a part of her walks with Brynn and Tucker. The breezy dialogue is a fantastic accompaniment to the stellar descriptive details. The lyrics that pour from our characters’ pens are gripping, profound, and deeply moving.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Brynn has no clue who Savannah Grace is when she accompanies her best friend Noah to Savannah’s vacation house in Vermont. I mean, she knows Savannah is a country music star but other than that, Brynn knows nothing. It’s this lack of knowledge of pop culture that allowed Brynn to treat Savannah like a regular person. Brynn joked with her, made fun of her, and treated her the way she did everyone else in her life. It’s this attitude that helps to facilitate an easy relationship between them. In the other, they find someone who accepts, supports, and comforts them. Savannah believes Brynn is married to Noah and as their feelings develop, the struggle each feels is palpable. The little touches and longing gazes when the other isn’t looking certainly tugged at my heartstrings. And the chemistry…talking about smoking!

Brynn’s had a rough few years and she’s at the point in her life where she isn’t sure what to do next. The acceptance and support she finds after opening up to Savannah help her grow most spectacularly! Without Savannah, Brynn would have continued spinning the same wheel over and over. Instead, Brynn finds the courage deep down inside to pursue something she’d never even considered.    

Savannah’s son, Tucker is a delightfully essential part of Falls From Grace. He is Savannah’s world and the moment he and Brynn meet, they form an unbreakable bond that only grows stronger over time.

Noah, Lane, Cora, and Rosalie are well-developed characters who help both Brynn and Savannah along the way. I love the found family dynamic that this book has.

Heads Up

Alcoholism and a past suicide attempt are discussed.

The Conclusion

Falls from Grace is a beautiful celebrity romance with an adorable toddler that will surely steal your heart. Savannah and Brynn are wonderful mains who are supported by a lovely cast of characters. This book is so much more than just a romance, it’s a story about healing, growing, and learning. It’s about taking risks, believing in yourself, opening your heart, and leaning into vulnerability. The story weaves in the solitude of Vermont with the hustle and bustle of Nashville and provides readers with up close and personal access to the process of writing and producing an album. I deeply wish that I could hear Bring the Fury and Longing.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I look forward to reading more from Ruby Landers.

Excerpt from Falls From Grace by Ruby Landers

“Savannah Grace,” Chester gestured. “Noah Lyman, and his wife Brynn.” Brynn started. Not just at the ‘wife’ word again, but at the realization that this was the megastar they’d come to meet. She didn’t look like a celebrity at all, nor Brynn’s idea of a country singer. This small, plainly dressed woman? No cowboy boots or big hair? She rolled her eyes internally at herself and looked closer.

Savannah was objectively stunning, even dressed down the way she was: her eyes the exact same shade as the lake, full lips (probably natural, her LA brain immediately assessed), flawless skin and both curves and legs that her plain outfit couldn’t conceal. She suddenly realized the gray-blue eyes were watching her back and she felt a flush come over her as she rearranged her own expression from checking her out to one of friendly greeting. Great wifing, Marshall, she thought with chagrin.

Savannah didn’t get up but reached out to shake both their hands, her fingers icy cool. Brynn fought the urge to squeeze them between her own and rub some warmth into them. Why on earth would you choose to sit out here when there was a delicious log fire inside? How long had she been there, and more importantly, how long would they have to stay out there with her? Fucking celebrities.

“Lucille will show them to their rooms, but I thought you’d like to meet our guests first.” Chester filled the silence after both she and Noah had murmured their nice to meet you-s. Savannah seemed to shake herself, as if remembering that talking was a thing that regular mortals did.

“Thank you for coming,” she murmured, the words barely out of her mouth before the phone beside her on the wooden chair interrupted with a piano version of Brahms’ Lullaby, which frankly was a very creepy ringtone to choose. “Excuse me,” she said, before turning her body slightly and answering the call. She listened for less than a second. “I’m on my way,” she said to the caller and hung up without saying goodbye. She got to her feet. “I’m really very sorry,” she addressed Noah. “We’ll talk soon,” she promised, as if they hadn’t just flown seven hours to meet her. All three turned and watched as she paced across the lawn and disappeared into the house.

“Did we…do something wrong?” asked Noah. Chester shook his head, looking faintly worried as he always seemed to.

“No, no, all is well,” he said, his voice remaining cheerful. “Savannah is just a bit torn between responsibilities at the moment. She’ll settle down and focus when you two start writing. Oh, my stars, Mrs. Lyman, you look frozen through. Let’s get you back inside, shall we?”

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