Evolution Of An Art Thief by Jessie ChandlerEvolution Of An Art Thief by Jessie Chandler is a short story.

Mikala Flynn moves to New York city after her father is murdered and his wooden puzzle box made during WWII is stolen.

She lives with her grandmother who escaped from being taken to the ghetto Lodz. She’s pretty depressed and moody until one day she literally almost knocks over Kate, one of her classmates. That’s when a budding romance between them begins.

Kate’s father is an art collector and amongst his things Flynn finds a wooden puzzle box. Is it a possibility Kate’s dad had anything to do with Flynn’s dad?

The Characters 

Mikala Flynn is the tall dark and moody type. After losing her father she isn’t really up for anything except sticking to herself.

Kate Goldsmith is the exact opposite of Mikala. She is so full of life and has hopes and dreams. She can see that Mikala is special, different, and genuine. I loved that she was bold and not for a moment pretended she didn’t like Mikala.

The Writing Style 

The book is written in first person. I liked the writing style because it had a bit of the main characters personal dialect flair to it.

The Pros 

I liked the romance written between Mikala and Kate. Kate had an amazing ability to bring Mikala out of her shell, and see the best in people.

I enjoyed the way certain real life events were portrayed through Mikala’s eyes. The author really brought some memories back for me.

Lastly, I love the study of the Holocaust and there is a bit of discussion about it that I rather enjoyed.

The Cons 

The fact that this is a short story is a little bit of a con to me. I would love it if the author came out with a next book for these characters because I would totally read it.

The Conclusion 

This is a good book. I recommend it to a reader looking for a quick lesbian romance with a bit of mystery to it.

Excerpt from Evolution Of An Art Thief by Jessie Chandler

Focused on the drink tray, I didn’t notice the girl until it was too late.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to sidestep and, of course, plowed right into her. She was shorter than me, with a solid build, which was probably a good thing, or the impact would’ve sent her flying right out of her black high heels.

“I’m so sorry!” I grabbed her arms to steady her . The pink drinks and their umbrellas disappeared from view. “Shit,” I muttered under my breath and refocused on the girl. It took a second to realize that I knew this person in the fancy black dress. Embarrassment bubbled up from the bottom of my stomach, making my cheeks hot and my ears burn. I’d nearly flattened the daughter of the head of the Goldsmith Foundation.

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