delayed gratification by meghan obrienDelayed Gratification: The Honeymoon by Meghan O’Brien is an erotic novella that shows how sometimes a detour leads you to the right destination.
Willa and Rae have been together for 10 years and have just had the wedding of their dreams.

They’re on their way to Europe when a snowstorm in Chicago leaves them stranded at the airport. Unwilling to give up on her meticulously planned dream honeymoon, Willa finds them a Hail Mary chance at making it to Venice just in time for the end of Carnevale, but it means driving to Detroit in dicey conditions.

When they slide into a ditch, Rae thinks it’s time to face facts, and even when they find themselves rescued by the owners of a quaint lodge in the middle of nowhere, they’re arguing about where to go from there. Can they put down their differences long enough to make the most out of their time in beautiful seclusion?

The Characters

I’m going to go on record as saying that I was team Rae, one hundred percent. While I could sympathize with Willa’s frustration at having put so much planning into their wedding and honeymoon only to have mother nature meddle, I had a hard time with her behaviour. That said, I think it was realistic! I remember friends warning us before our wedding that we’d probably have a big blow-up on our honeymoon because the stress of wedding planning needs a release. That didn’t happen to us, but I think it happened to Willa.

I loved that Rae did her very best to accommodate Willa at every turn. She’s grateful for all of Willa’s hard work, but just wants a break from the rush of their day-to-day lives and have some time reconnecting. I identified strongly with that and appreciated seeing it in fiction.

The Writing Style

Delayed Gratification is written well and the sexytimes are hot when you get there. Willa’s behaviour turned me off so much that I almost stopped reading, but I’m glad I didn’t. It ended up being an excellent story, shining a light on the importance of stepping back from real life and reconnecting with your partner when you’re in a long-term relationship.

The Pros

That sex. Realistic characters. The novella length is perfect to read in an afternoon.

The Cons

Realistic characters? Okay, that’s not a con, but I am glad a friend told me to wait for Willa’s turning point.

The Conclusion

I love that Meghan O’Brien can still surprise me, blending realistic relationship issues with a sexy, powerful reconnection. Delayed Gratification is a beautiful story about a couple who are long past the blush of new love.

Excerpt from Delayed Gratification: The Honeymoon by Meghan O’Brien

“I love washing your hair.”Rae’s mouth quirked. “I remember the first time I ever did it—that weekend we spent at your little apartment right after you moved into it.”

“Technically, I believe that was our second date.”

Rae chuckled. “Hey, I already knew you were the one. Why move slow?”

“Believe me, I was thrilled you didn’t play hard to get.” Willa tilted her head under the spray to wash off the shampoo.

“I helped you assemble that brand-new four-poster bed you’d just bought, and then we showered together.”Rae ran her fingers through Willa’s hair, chasing away the soap. “You let me shampoo your hair. My heart was pounding so hard the entire time. I couldn’t stop looking at you.”

“I noticed.” Willa grinned at the memory of how sexy Rae had made her feel at a time when she’d struggled with a serious lack of confidence and self-esteem. The young woman she’d been then seemed a lifetime removed from who she’d become with Rae by her side.

“We pretty much spent the rest of the weekend breaking in my new bed.”

“And the couch…and kitchen counter…the floor in the hallway…”

Arousal stirred low in Willa’s belly as she experienced an exquisite rush of nostalgia.

“That was a really nice weekend.”

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Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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