Endless as the Stars by Domina AlexandraEndless as the Stars by Domina Alexandra is a contemporary romance about finding love in the aftermath of tragic loss.

Tia and Bruce are long-time paramedic partners and best friends. Over the years, Tia has become like family to Bruce and his wife Carina. After Bruce is killed in the line of duty, Carina and her three children are hurting and adrift. Tia knows she should step up for them, but her pain and guilt keep her distant.

Tia is angry with herself and dissatisfied with each new work partner she is assigned. Carina’s life is crumbling after the sudden loss of her husband. She is too proud to cash the checks Tia sends. What she wants and needs is Tia’s presence. The contrast between the strong, quiet EMT and the outspoken, confident mother really works.

Endless as the Stars follows Tia and Carina as they support each other and the children. Eventually they both realize their feelings go beyond friendship, but furthering their relationship will be an uphill battle against judgmental coworkers, disapproving family members, and their own insecurities. Can they find a way to honor Bruce’s memory while finding a future together?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This book felt so real in so many ways. Domina Alexandra has been an EMT herself, and I really enjoyed the fast-paced rescue and treatment scenes. I also appreciated that Alexandra doesn’t sugarcoat her characters’ struggles. Carina has trouble keeping her pantry stocked after Bruce’s death, and her son understandably acts out after losing his father. Carina’s extended family is not supportive of her relationship with Tia, and it’s clear that Carina has to make a painful choice about which bond she will prioritize. Throughout it all, Tia and Carina manage to be both strong and gentle, and we never doubt their feelings for each other.

Cons And Heads Up

The editing in Endless as the Stars is not quite as polished as it should be.

The Conclusion

You should buy this book if you are hungry for a romance set in the real world. These characters don’t have cushy jobs or insignificant problems. Their circumstances and heart had me rooting for them all the more.

Despite the editing, the heartfelt story and engaging action scenes make the book a recommended read.

Excerpt from Endless as the Stars by Domina Alexandra

She woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. Tia tossed it further away from her, wanting to stay asleep. The phone began to ring again and Tia groaned. She reached blindly for it, getting irritated and shifted onto her elbow, blinking lazily to find it. It continued to ring as Tia scooted across her bed, picking up her phone right at the edge. She looked at the caller I.D. just as the call ended. She had five texts and three missed calls. One from the guy who was covering her tonight, one from her supervisor, and the other from an unknown number.

Alarmed by these many calls, Tia twisted, kicking the blankets off her body just as her phone began to ring again. She didn’t bother seeing who it was, answering quickly. She looked at the time on her watch as Bruce’s wife cried out to her in panic.

“What’s wrong?” Tia asked, the pit of her stomach swirling and twisting into knots. She could sense the fear in Carina’s tone expecting an emergency to have occurred with one of Bruce’s kids.

“Oh God, I thought you were with Bruce tonight,” Carina cried.

It was after eight and Bruce started his shift two hours ago. “No. I took your advice and called out. What’s wrong?”

Carina continued to sob, trying to speak. “He was…shot…” she cried out.

Tia nearly dropped the phone from her hand. Her throat clogged and the ability to breathe was removed from her memories. Long seconds passed before she gasped for a breath and tears fell from her eyes. “Where…where are you?” Tia stuttered. So many thoughts were attempting to force their way into Tia’s mind but she pushed them out when she heard Carina speak again.

“My sister’s watching the kids. I’m on my way to the hospital.”

Once she learned which hospital, Tia said she’d be there and leapt out of bed, nearly forgetting to put on her shoes. She scurried out of her apartment, fearing the worst as she drove to the hospital.

Two of her supervisors, a few coworkers, and a fire crew were seated in the waiting room of the ER. Tia rushed up to Dean who’d covered her shift. His face was pale, eyes webbed with tears. “What the hell happened?” Tia looked to him for an answer, ready to shake him if he didn’t speak right away. He sat in the chair, his face in shock. He was wearing ER scrubs. That was a clear sign he’d gotten a lot of blood on him and had to change. The thought of losing Bruce was unnerving as Tia pleaded with the universe for him to be okay. The one night she chose not to work and he was shot.

“Tia…” Carina sobbed.

Tia turned, Carina rushing through the ER entrance doors and into her arms. “Where’s my husband?” She cried in her arms.

Tia searched for a nurse and found one she knew. They locked eyes, and the nurse mouthed, I don’t know, understanding what Tia was going to ask. That meant the trauma doctors were still working on Bruce. Tia could feel Carina’s entire body shaking from fear, doing her best to contain her own emotions. “He’ll be okay. He has to be,” Tia told Carina as she continued to comfort her best friend’s wife.

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