dark-garden-by-jennifer-fultonDark Garden by Jennifer Fulton is a classic Romeo and Juliette romance. Except that they are both women and they don’t die in the end.

It is about two sworn enemies who cannot resist each other.

The Blakes and the Cavenders have been at war since 1870. Two powerful women from two powerful families try to destroy each other and yet the sexual tension between them is palpable.

When Mason Cavender’s brother dies she is grief stricken. She is last remaining member of the Cavender line and she is convinced that her sworn enemy, Vienna Blake has killed her brother because he was finally about to restore honor and wealth to the Cavender name.

Mason confronts Vienna in desperation one day and there is an instant attraction between the two women. Now Vienna needs to decide whether she should take the final step in ruining the Cavenders, a legacy passed down from generation to generation, or if she should follow her heart and believe a stranger.

Mason is desperately trying to pick up the pieces of her crumbling empire after the devastation of losing her brother and she is desperate not to lose her heart entirely to the woman who is trying to destroy her.

The Characters

I loved the main characters. Fulton switches between the two women and it is easy to see how misunderstandings, legacies and hate become ingrained in their very blood.

[tweetthis]She was so close each word brushed Vienna’s skin like the calling card of a kiss[/tweetthis]

The Writing Style

Fantastic. The writing is beautiful, well paced and so gorgeous I want to read it over and over again. Fulton is a master storyteller and I have yet to read a book of hers that I haven’t loved.

The Pros

It has all the angst and drama needed for the best kind of romance.

The Cons

Not really a con – more like something a little confusing – it is labeled as part of the Dark Vista series  – and the books really have nothing in common. I loved them all but they were not really a series.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

This is the perfect book for anyone wanting the drama, opulence and romance of Romeo and Juliette, but with lesbians and a better story. I doth loveth this book.

[tweetthis]She was the worst kind of Siren, resolutely distant. Blindingly irresistible[/tweetthis]

Excerpt from Dark Garden by Jennifer Fulton

“The gun is loaded,” said the woman with the rifle aimed from her hip. She was tall and disheveled. Her lank coal-black hair fell heavily around her face. She locked the door behind her. “Move and I swear I’ll blow your head off.”

Vienna Blake hit the security alarm under her desk. Not that anyone could have missed the fact that a crazy woman had invaded their building. A SWAT team was probably en route already. “What do you want?”

“You know why I’m here.”

The intruder was sullen and suspicious, like a wild thing peering out from behind iron bars. Her clothes belonged on the set of a period movie, not in a downtown Boston office. Who wore a three-quarter length velvet coat and a white shirt with some kind of cravat at the throat?

Only Mason Cavender. Vienna supposed the coat had provided camouflage so she could smuggle the rifle. But the black breeches and riding boots?

“Can you lower your gun?” she requested. “It’s making me nervous.”

“A Blake with a sense of humor, whadaya know.” Mason strode across the office and halted a few feet from the imposing cherrywood desk. Eyes dark with menace sweep over Vienna. “You think this is funny?”

Vienna refused to allow her alarm to show. She’d be damned if a rifle pointed at her gut would turn her into a crybaby.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781602820364
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Jennifer Fulton