Cinnamon Blade, Knife In Shining Armor by Shira GlassmanCinnamon Blade, Knife In Shining Armor by Shira Glassman is a short story. Reading it is like being dropped into the honeymoon phase of a relationship of a crime fighting superhero and an adorable nerd who definitely belong together.

Cinnamon Blade, a thief turned superhero, has been waiting for the right moment to ask Soledad out. She does not want Soledad to think she owes her just because she has saved her life once or a dozen times.

Without a doubt Soledad is more than ready for a date with Cinnamon Blade. Once the two get together more sparks fly than a firework show.

But in a city where danger lurks around every corner will the two ever be able to have a normal relationship?

The Characters

Shira Glassman did an amazing job of developing Cinnamon Blade and Soledad’s characters in such a short amount of time.

Cinnamon is a saucy crime fighter with a mouth on her. She has had a rough past and history in thievery but is currently doing one good deed at a time to make up for her bad ones.

Soledad is the executive assistant to the owner of ShinePoint Solutions, a technology company with big secrets. This is the reason she knows Cinnamon Blade, Soledad often being the target of the attacks on the big company. Cinnamon calls her nerdy, I would call her passionate about her hobbies. She seems to know a lot of random facts and is extremely cute and adorable.

The Writing Style

The writing style was unique, it made me slow down and really pay attention. The story is spicy and the chemistry jumps off the pages.

The Pros

I very much enjoyed the Jewish aspect of the story. I learned a lot and find myself wanting to read more.

The Cons


The Conclusion

Cinnamon Blade, Knife in Shining Armor is such a charismatic short story. If your looking for an action packed short story romance with chemistry that should come with a hazard label, I recommend this book.

Excerpt from Cinnamon Blade, Knife In Shining Armor by Shira Glassman

“You can do this, right?” Typical Soledad, always trying to find the light.

“Did you ever hear about the time someone stole the First Lady’s wedding ring right out of the White House?” Blade remarked, her fingers moving strategically over the metal in micro-movements. As Soledad’s eyes widened, Blade added, “No, wait, I forgot they covered that up. Tell you all about it later.”

“I trust you and I don’t want to be scared but I’m still scared,” Soledad blurted.

Blade squeezed her hand, and some of the panicked, heavy breathing slowed. An image of Soledad on an ordinary day popped into her head, explaining the derivation of the word ‘werewolf’ to the captain, her face lighting up like high noon.

“Hey, Soledad,” Blade murmured casually. “How come it’s a cow until we eat it, and then it’s beef?”

“You’re trying to distract me.”

“So? Tell me anyway.”

Soledad gulped, but, looking at Blade as if she wanted very badly to let go and trust her, began. “In 1066, a province in France called Normandy invaded England. They spent three hundred years or so ruling England while speaking French. All those movies set in the English Middle Ages? The people in charge should be speaking French.”

“It’s like how ancient Romans in movies have British accents.” Blade grunted with satisfaction as one of the locks sprang free. “Oh, hey.”

Soledad grinned. “You got one!”

But just then, a red light on the missile began to blink. The two women locked eyes in fear.

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