The Christmas Proposal by Lisa MoreauThe Christmas Proposal by Lisa Moreau is a Christmas romance that’s bound to get the Grinchiest of Grinches into the holiday spirit.

Grace Dawson is ready. She’s ready to fall in love with her forever person. A year ago, her boss, Christina Worth, broke her heart. Grace found herself without a girlfriend and without a job. She did a heap of work on herself to uncover why she was dating emotionally unavailable women. Now she’s got a job she loves with a possible promotion around the corner. She works at Tie the Knot. A true romantic at heart, she helps people plan the perfect wedding proposal.

Bridget Cartwright works at Worth Entertainment as the personal assistant to the CEO of one of the industry’s most successful video game manufacturers. As long as she can remember, her dream has been to become a video game designer. Bridget will do just about anything to achieve her dream whether it’s fetching coffee or work Saturdays week after week.

When her boss tasks Bridget with planning her wedding proposal, Bridget is flummoxed. She doesn’t do romance, and she certainly doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after. She’s relieved when she discovers there are companies that specialize in planning the perfect wedding proposal.

When Bridget finds Tie the Knot, and meets the petite proposal planner Grace, she breathes a sigh of relief. Grace has the perfect destination for a Christmas themed proposal. In Mistletoe Mountain, every day is Christmas. Bridget hates all things Christmassy, but she’s desperate.

Grace has spent the last decade avoiding visits to her hometown. Mistletoe Mountain is where her earliest dreams were formed and where they tragically died. She’s willing to put that aside because if she can nail this latest proposal, it could secure the promotion she’s longing for.

After Grace and Bridget find themselves stranded in Mistletoe Mountain, Bridget reveals that her boss is none other than Grace’s ex-girlfriend. Learning the proposal she’s planning is for Christina is the least of Grace’s problems. There’s no place to escape and Grace is forced to confront her painful memories.

Bridget has her own demons from the past and being surrounded by Grace’s loving family for Christmas only amplifies what’s missing from her own life.

Mistletoe Mountain is a small place. With romance in the air, it’s the perfect backdrop for a budding romance. Grace and Bridget discover they have feelings for each other. Can their relationship survive when they return to the big city?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I enjoy a good opposites attract romance, and Grace and Bridget fill those roles nicely. Moreau gives each of them an appropriately angsty backstory, so their character arcs are clear and satisfying. I found myself invested in each main character which makes for a gratifying happily-ever-after. Moreau did a fantastic job in creating Mistletoe Mountain. Every resident, bed-and-breakfast, bakery, and restaurant perfectly capture the joy of the season. She describes the small town so well I Googled it because I thought it was real.

Cons And Heads Up

The Christmas Proposal’s plot relies heavily on quite a few coincidences. Usually that puts me off a book, but the characters and plot in this story were compelling enough to keep me engaged until the very last sentence.

The Conclusion

The Christmas Proposal is a charming romance. I’m a bit of a Grinch so I could feel for Bridget.  Being trapped in a town where every day is Christmas is my idea of a nightmare, too. It’s a dilemma that symbolizes Bridget’s resistance to moving into a place of feeling. Grace is her guide, and together they navigate through the holiday and find their best selves on the way. This is a merry little romance that would be good with a cup of hot chocolate in your favorite reading nook. Enjoy.

Excerpt from The Christmas Proposal by Lisa Moreau

“Everything okay?” Grace asked after Bridget hung up.

“That was my boss asking if I could work tomorrow.”

“Does she always make you go to the office on the weekend?”

“Sometimes.” Actually, it was more like all the time. “She owns the company. It’s not a nine-to-five job, and I am her assistant.”

Grace grunted. “Sounds like my ex. Christina ran her own company, too, and was a total workaholic.”

Bridget froze. No. It couldn’t be the same Christina. That would be too much of a coincidence, but she needed to be sure. “What’s the company?”

“Worth Entertainment.”

Every muscle in her tensed, and she could feel the blood rushing through her veins. Frantically, she tried to recall if there was another Christina at Worth Entertainment, but came up empty-handed.

“They produce video games. Maybe you’ve heard of them?”

“Um…no…I don’t think so.” Her head spun and she felt flush. “Are you and she still friends?” she asked, praying the answer was yes. That was the lesbian way, after all. Maybe Grace and Christina were BFFs, and Grace would be overjoyed to plan her best friend’s proposal. They’d have a laugh about the freak coincidence and sing “It’s a Small World After All” until they reached Mistletoe Mountain.

“God, no.” Grace looked like she wanted to barf. “Let’s just say it didn’t end well, and I hope never to have anything to do with that woman ever again.”

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