A main character who is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), director or other high ranking executive in a large business.

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Leather, Lace, and Locs by Anne Shade: Book Review

Leather, Lace, and Locs by Anne Shade is the story of three friends and their journeys to finding themselves and their happy endings. Golden is a hard-working financial executive with

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Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker: Audiobook Review

Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker is a romance built around a fraud investigation. Something that doesn’t sound at all sexy and yet it’s Kallmaker so you know that it will

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Boss of Her by Anna Stone: Book Review

From our review: “Boss of Her is an enticing BDSM romance that will have your pulse racing and your heart soaring.”

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The Villains Series by Lee Winter: Audiobook Review

From our review: “This series is without a doubt the best audio I have ever listened to. Angela Dawe simply outdid herself bringing Lee Winter’s brilliant story to life. Honestly, listening to these two books was life-changing for me.”

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The Wisdom of Bug by Alyson Root: Book Review

From our review “Their meet cute is one of the nicest I’ve seen. Bug is a dog wise beyond reason, and he shows up in overworked Evelyn’s office like a ghost”

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25-39 Lead (B)Accountant / CFO (B)Australian Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)CEO (B)Contemporary (B)Femme / Femme (B)Girl Next Door / Sunshine (B)Ice Queen / Beast / Grump (B)Joint reviewLesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Single Mother (B)Workplace (B)

An Inappropriate Affair by Lyn Denison: Book Review

From our review: “An Inappropriate Affair is what happens when corporate scion Flynn Fox falls for her curvy young personal assistant Gian Crane. Both women are cautious about affairs of the heart, but their physical attraction is off the charts. “

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The Only Fish in the Sea by Angie Williams: Book Review

The Only Fish in the Sea by Angie Williams is a rivals to lovers small town romance. The worst thing in the world that a Miller in the fishing town

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Reality in Check by Emily Banting: Book Review

From our review: “Charlotte and Arte’s romance is a slow burn that is so perfectly paced. While their beginning is a bit contentious, the two quickly form a bond that strengthens over time.”

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The Shape-Shifter Series by Jae: Audiobook Review

From our review, “It is clear that Jae invested a cat-load of time developing the lore of the Wrasa and it was definitely time well invested.”

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The Honeymoon Mix-Up by Frankie Fyre: Book Review

From our review: “If you’re looking for funny, and I usually am, then this book will tickle your funnybone. Both of the women are dead set against being in love with anyone ever again, but of course neither one can help themselves”

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