Captain-of-industry-by-karin-kallmakerCaptain Of Industry by Karin Kallmaker is the story of Jennifer Lamont and Suzanne Mason.

Jennifer is poised to become the next big thing in modelling and has her sights set on a career as an actress. She is working hard and being seen in all the right places. That is until she falls (literally) at Suzanne’s feet and comes out of her expensive, designer dress.

Suzanne is a brilliant woman who has become wealthy quite young. She is constantly at war with the voices that told her that her life cannot be what she wants it to be because she is a woman and women cannot do science. Now she has everything she wants in life. Or she thinks so until a beautiful woman falls flat on her face in front of her.

A romance ensues but Jennifer cannot out herself for fear of ruining her career and chooses instead to walk away leaving them both broken hearted.

But life has a funny way of making unexpected turns and taking you down a path you thought couldn’t be.

The Characters

Most of the story is told from Jennifer’s point of view and she is a bit of a cold fish. Her blind ambition and shutting down of emotion are a necessity for her career but it makes it difficult to really feel for her.

This is particularly applicable for the first 40% of the novel. Thereafter the character motivations warm up and I began to enjoy them.

Kallmaker added some stars from her previous novels in guest roles. It was fun to read about them again.

The Writing Style

It’s Kallmaker. The woman is a brilliant author. She writes beautifully. I pretty much want to wrap myself in her words and snuggle down. You know?

The Cons

The first 40% of the book was a little slow. I struggled to feel for the characters and the initial time change was a little difficult for me to understand.

The Pros

The last 60% of the book was superb. Once I understood the time shift everything made more sense. And the story hit a stride. I am so glad I kept reading because it was well worth it.

I also really loved that there was a heterosexual male movie star that was as awesome as he was. I am always a little sad for guys when they are only portrayed as bad guys in lesbian fiction.

I also really liked that the two main characters could not be together for a legitimate reason. This wasn’t like those novels where the two characters could have avoided pretty much the entire drama just by saying hey you know something? I am worried about this thing here.

The Conclusion

It is a great read. Kallmaker wrote a really solid romance and while it may not be one of my top reads from her, it is definitely one of my top reads in general. I expect a lot from Kallmaker and she delivered a good romance with interesting characters and a plot line that left me mulling it over for days. Good work from a great author.

Excerpt from Captain Of Industry by Karin Kallmaker

Chapter 1

The twinkling party lights woven into the hedges and trees brightened the amber glow of the chardonnay that was no longer in Jennifer Lamont’s glass. Droplets of wine shimmered in an arc away from her, and in each Jennifer fancied she could see snapshots from the A-list soiree that surrounded her.

In the nearest drop was the face of her ex, cuddling with the new love. The next reflection the swathes sculpture up for auction. The ribbon of shimmering wine just leaving the fluted mouth of her glass gleamed with a hundred eyes that had turned from their vivacious conversations toward her crescendoing cry of alarm.

There were at least seventy Beautiful People gathered in the expansive Cliffside backyard of some Southern California Internet tycoon, and all of them were eager to talk about women in politics while they showed their support for breast cancer screening and research. All of them were now witnessing La Lamont falling off her five-inch Jimmy Choo heels.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 978-1594934919
  • Publisher: Bella Books

Note: I received a free review copy of Captain Of Industry by Karin Kallmaker. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.