Calendar Girl by Georgia BeersCalendar Girl by Georgia Beers has a bunch of things I love, all in one excellent place: it’s a workplace romance between an ice queen and a girl next door, plus it’s a rich girl/poor girl pairing!

After spending years running a division of Fairchild Enterprises, Addison Fairchild has been burning the candle at both ends. She knows she can prove she should take the reins of the company when her mother retires and appoints one of the three Fairchild children as CEO, if only she can get things perfect.

Unfortunately for Addison, everything comes to a head when she lands in the hospital with exhaustion, high blood pressure and an ulcer. Her mother leaves her with no choice—Addison must take on a part-time assistant for a few months until she’s recovered.

When Katie Cooper’s friend calls and offers her a temporary, part-time position as Addison’s assistant, she leaps at the opportunity. Her father’s dementia and the associated medical and home care bills are piling up, so Katie’s recently moved home to help her parents as much as possible. But how can she help Addison when the stubborn woman refuses to let her do more than run errands?

Addison and Katie quickly find themselves attracted to each other and their chemistry is kind of out of control. Can they resist the urge to act on a relationship in the workplace or will the whole “opposites attract” thing be too strong to avoid?

The Characters

Katie is so easy to like. She’s thoughtful, kind, funny, and just all-around lovely. It’s no wonder that everyone loves her, including Addison once she lets Katie in. I appreciated that she’s no pushover, though, especially in the moments when she needs to confront Addison and proves she’s made of sterner stuff than some might realize.

Addison isn’t quite as easy to like at first, but it’s also understandable why she’s the way she is. She’s had her eye on the prize for so long that it’s blocked out the rest of her life, with her career goal taking precedence over everything else, including her health. I enjoyed seeing how she changes thanks to Katie’s presence in her life and really like where she is by the end of the book.

The Writing Style

I was immediately sucked into Calendar Girl and had a hard time putting it down! Georgia Beers did a fab job with this one, because the pacing is absolutely perfect, the story is compelling, and the character development is excellent. Nothing was spare in the book and it all added up to a great reading experience.

She also tackles some difficult subject material, between the way Katie and her mother have to navigate her father’s dementia and the very serious health consequences that Addison suffers because of her workaholism. These are handled well so that we get a real sense of the difficulties and how they affect the leads, without them ever overshadowing the romance.

The Narration

I enjoyed the narration for Calendar Girl. Paige McKinney’s timing is great and she differentiates the characters well. The performance held my interest throughout, even though I’ve read it before on my Kindle, so overall I’m very happy.

The Pros


The Cons

Not a one.

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

If you’ve never read anything by Georgia Beers before and are wondering why she’s one of the reigning queens of lesbian romance, pick up Calendar Girl. It’s a wonderful story and I’ll definitely be coming back to read it again!

Excerpt from Calendar Girl by Georgia Beers

Addison stood in the doorway, one hand on the edge of the door, her blue eyes deep and intense, if a little tired looking. Her hair was light brown but with a hint of red, a very flattering color combination that set off her creamy skin and distractingly full lips like she was a work of art and the colors were chosen solely for that purpose. It fell a bit past her shoulders in gentle waves that Katie imagined were silky soft. I mean, probably, right? Look at them. Katie did her best to take in Addison’s outfit without giving the impression she was ogling—which was exactly what she wanted to do. Badly. Black pants, emerald-green long-sleeve shirt that might have been silk, black heels.

“You’re Katie?”

Addison’s voice—deeper and huskier than Katie expected—startled her back to reality. “I am.”

“Come in.” Addison stepped aside and held out an arm, inviting Katie to enter.

“I was told you were under the weather and that’s why I was hired. I thought you’d be in sweats or something.” A nervous laugh rippled out of her before she could catch it. Damn it. Beautiful women always made her anxious and jumpy.

“You thought wrong.”

Those three words told Katie pretty much all she needed to know about this situation. Mainly that Addison didn’t want her here.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781635553338
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Paige McKinney
  • Georgia Beers online

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