Bring Her On by Chelsea M CameronBring Her On by Chelsea M. Cameron is a second-chance, enemies-to-lovers romance.

Kiri Kentwood coaches the Corsica Tigers cheerleaders and her nemesis, Echo Rosenthal, coaches the rival Heartwood Bulldogs. Kiri and Echo hooked up 10 years ago when they were both teenagers in cheer camp, but now their teams are heading to the national championship, and Kiri can’t stand to even look at Echo.

Kiri’s frustration with Echo gets even worse when the gym that Heartwood practices in burns down and the teams have to share Corsica’s practice space. Not only does Echo’s team have a bigger budget, and the resulting nicer uniforms and team lunches, but Echo is WAY too perfect. She still has amazing hair and an incredible body, and it’s all just too unfair.

Of course, the spark that got them in bed a decade ago is still there, even when they’re sniping at each other. Can they resist their attraction while their teams are going for the same goal?

The Characters

Bring Her On is told entirely from Kiri’s perspective. I had fun getting to know her and her take on things. It got especially interesting when I could see Kiri misinterpreting Echo, perceiving digs where Echo isn’t intending any.

Neither Kiri nor Echo experience massive character changes in this book and that was fine by me. Instead, we see them reconnect and clear away misconceptions about what actually went down after cheer camp ended. That worked well for me and I enjoyed it.

The Writing Style

I love Cameron’s books, because I can depend on them to have:

  1. Fun characters
  2. Excellent chemistry and sexy times
  3. Zero angst

Bring Her On delivers on all three counts! Plus, it has the same level of antagonism between the leads that I enjoyed in Anyone but You, but with new characters I could fall in love with.

The Pros

Everything? Also, I appreciated that I could understand everything that was happening, despite knowing nothing about cheerleading.

The Cons

I can’t think of anything.

The Conclusion

If you’re at all into cheerleaders or enemies-to-lovers romances, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for! It’s a fun story and a great way to escape the world for a few hours.

Excerpt from Bring Her On by Chelsea M. Cameron

“Spill,” Katie said, pointing to me.

“Okay, so you will never guess who showed up to the exhibition today.”

There were a few wild suggestions before someone got the right answer.

“Shut up, she did not,” Penny said, her eyes wide

“She did,” I said, gulping my drink. I needed to slow this down. Alcohol got me wasted so quickly that if I had this too fast, I was going to be under the table.

“Why was she there?” Heath asked.

I threw my arms up and they crashed down onto the table with a bang. “I don’t even know, that’s what’s so frustrating! Like, she’s seen our routine. Was she trying to see if we’d made more progress since the last competition? Was she trying to steal our shit? I don’t know. Maybe she was just there to fuck with me.”

I mean, it was working. I was currently losing my shit over her.

Kiri = 0

Echo = 1

“Whatever, I don’t want to talk about her, someone else say something interesting,” I said.

There was a long silence.

“Katie got a toy caught in her vagina today,” Penny said, as Katie did a spit take all over the table and we were all drenched in beer. Katie spent the next few minutes wheezing and trying to breathe as the rest of us cleaned ourselves up and tried not to die from laughter.

“Why would you tell them that?” Katie said, sucking down water, her face as red as her lipstick.

“Because I thought it was interesting,” Penny said.

“You’re terrible.”

“You married me,” Penny said, pointing to her ring.

“Shit, I did, didn’t I?”

They shared a look that made my heart ache. Why was I so sensitive lately?

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