Today I wanted to share three literary journeys that I loved. These are those books that are densely packed with beautiful writing and they tend to be on the literary fiction side of the spectrum rather than the genre fiction.

The books are all exquisitely woven stories that keep pulling you back in.

The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton

The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton

Published by Indie Author

Available in audio narrated by Lucy Rayner and produced by Tantor Audio

Set in a small village oppressed by the weight of expectation, secrets and men who wield power with force and manipulation. It is in this setting that we explore the stories of two women, struggling with very different problems and yet they are forever linked by the one girl who went missing so many years before.

Ashton is a master of mood and slow character builds. The tension in the book is palpable and as it grows so does your investment in the story.

If you want a deep and gorgeous read then this is for you.

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The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones

Heather Rose Jones The Language Of RosesPublished by Queen of Swords Press

There is something so beautiful about books that take you through a journey you thought you knew but make it an entirely new experience.

The main character is an aromantic lead who is trapped with a beast – a man of power and magic who controls his world with a violent temper and cold heart. His sister is a victim of his cruelty as much as she is an accomplice to the reason for their curse.

And slowly the main character unravels the mysteries of what happened before and what must happen now in order to free the woman who she has become unexpectedly attached to.

Jones writes beautifully and this book, although short, gripped me as if I was living the epic tale.

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My Home Is On The Mountain by Caro Clarke

My Home Is On The Mountain by Caro ClarkePublished by Sapphire Books Publishing

This is the story of two women from different lives and different expectations who come together in an intense romance that sets both their worlds on fire.

Difficult choices, hard truths and the limitations of being a woman in the 1930s forces them to make significant changes in their lives if they want to be happy.

This book is as gorgeous as the mountains of East Tennessee where the story is set.

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If you are looking for a book to sink your teeth into then these are three literary journeys I loved and recommend.