Wicked Sweet by Chelsea M CameronWicked Sweet by Chelsea M. Cameron is a super-cute, enemies-to-lovers romance that will make you want to eat all the cookies. (No seriously, go stock up before you read this book.)

Dove Fitzgerald might still be in college, but she’s already establishing her lifestyle brand. She knows a business degree will open even more doors for her, so she’s laser focused on learning everything she needs for ultimate success. Everything is going according to plan until Seven Sutter, Dove’s old high school nemesis, shows up in two of her classes. Even worse? There’s no escaping Seven, since they get partnered in one of the classes and Seven has an apartment down the hall from Dove.

Dove’s still furious that Seven used to win everything Dove went after in high school, but forced proximity soon makes Dove see that Seven isn’t evil after all. In fact, Seven is just as driven as Dove, with plans to open a goth cafe that’s sure to delight anyone who’s always wanted creepy cupcakes or cookies. Even worse? Seven is pretty damn sexy.

Dove can’t seem to stop herself from falling into one hell of a crush. Can she set her frustration of the past aside long enough to grab onto something sweet with the hot goth girl she never knew she needed?

The Characters

Seven and Dove are totally different and yet have some similarities. For example, Dove is the epitome of cute, with her pink hair and pin-up styles, while Seven is all about the black (sometimes witchy) clothes and eyeliner. Dove is also a meticulous planner while Seven tends to procrastibake and then work on assignments at the last possible minute. But, they both know exactly what kind of business they want to open and they’re both willing to do whatever it takes.

I was a little surprised by how much I loved these two characters, because I don’t really read much new adult fiction anymore. These two are so freaking cute, though, and I couldn’t help myself! It was especially great to watch Dove grapple with her crush and start to understand Seven’s side of things.

Also, although Wicked Sweet is told in the first person from Dove’s perspective, I was happy to see that Seven shares enough verbally and through body cues that I never felt like I was left wondering what was going on with her.

The Writing Style

This is such an easy book to pick up and sink into. Like the others I’ve read by Cameron, there’s zero angst in Wicked Sweet. Given that I read it on a plane and just wanted to ignore everyone around me, that was just right for me. I was absorbed by the story and my only complaint is that there were no good cookie options available to me at the time.

The Pros

This. Book. Is. So. Cute. I loved the characters and their chemistry is ridiculous. I wanted to punch the air when they finally kissed because the burn had been so slow, yet so perfect.

The Cons

I still haven’t managed to have any excellent baked goods since reading this book and I really need to remedy that.

The Conclusion

Between the cute girls, the cookies, and the cute girls with cookies, what’s not to love? This is a perfect, light read to pick up when you’re having a bad day and I recommend it.

Excerpt from Wicked Sweet by Chelsea M. Cameron

I looked up from my phone just in time to avoid colliding with the very person I’d been trying to avoid all day, and was going to try to avoid for the rest of the year.

Seven. What kind of a name was that? I knew she had siblings and from what I remembered, they all had names like Mike and Alyssa. Why had she gotten the strange moniker?

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, and I blinked at her a few times. I didn’t remember her voice sounding like that. Deep and a little smoky. Not that I’d heard her voice a whole lot since we’d steered clear of each other.

I didn’t say anything to her and decided to keep walking because there was a small chance she didn’t recognize me and we wouldn’t have to talk and I could go back to my apartment and not think about her again, at least until we had class together.

“Dove?” she said as I moved to get around her. She was taller than I was and blocked my way. Other students streamed around us, annoyed that we were standing still.

“Yes?” I said, pretending that I didn’t know who she was, and letting an irritated tone seep into my voice so perhaps she would let me go. I didn’t want to do this. I never wanted to see or hear of her again. It hadn’t been easy; hearing every little detail of everyone’s lives from my hometown was something that couldn’t be avoided in most cases. My mom gave me weekly updates on literally everyone I’d ever known.

“I didn’t know you went here,” she said, and I was shoved from behind and almost smashed into her. I sidestepped just in time.

“I didn’t know you did,” I said, and put on my sugariest, sweetest smile. It worked with my pink hair and my flippy purple dress. I always dressed up for the first week of school, and had since I was in preschool. First impressions were important.

“I transferred,” she said, still looking flabbergasted. I tried not to look at her face, but I couldn’t miss her razor-perfect black eyeliner and sculpted brows. I battled with my brows on a daily basis, so they were something I always noticed on other people. Of course she would have perfect brows.

“That’s nice. Listen, I have to go. Bye.” I turned around and was gone before she could say anything else. Even that little contact with her dredged up so many memories from high school that I would have rather forgotten. Seeing Seven was like slamming into a brick wall covered in all your most-embarrassing, most cringe-inducing moments all at once.

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