Unforgettable by Karin KallmakerUnforgettable by Karin Kallmaker is a story of Loretta “Rett” Jamison. Rett has built a successful singing career and a repertoire filled with romantic ballads and hot jazz. But her girlfriend/manager Trisha is no longer faithful and Rett wonders if she ever was. A dramatic break up leaves Rett less devastated than she should be and instead opens the possibilities for a better career and a new romance with a woman she can’t stop thinking about. The problem is, she lost the woman’s number in a silly accident and doesn’t know how to find her.

Rett’s reunion is coming up and her old crush Cinny Keilor is on her mind too. Cinny was firmly in the closet in high school, even though she would sneak away with Rett. Will Cinny still hold the same allure? Will Rett be able to finally say no to her?  And will Rett be able to put aside some of the other demons that haunt her when she returns to visit her mother after so many years?

Dr Angelica Martinetta is being celebrated at her school reunion for her excellent work in the field of cancer research. She is an accomplished woman now with a brilliant career, but old wounds remain from an unrequited love in high school. Will the reunion be just what she needs to finally forget the woman she so longs for? Or will she finally get her happy ending?

The Characters

This novel centers on Rett. We jump back and forth in time as she remembers. She has an incredible memory and things are tough to forget. This is a blessing for her career and a curse for her rough childhood and teen years.

It is fascinating to see her transition from the beginning to the end of the story as she realizes that she doesn’t always remember things exactly as they were for others.

The Writing Style

Karin Kallmaker’s use of language is beautiful. Her writing evokes strong feelings and this book is no exception. This is a drama, make no mistake. If you are looking for a happy, light romance then try Sugar. If you want a dramatic tale of finding oneself, finding love and overcoming then this is your book.

The Pros

I really enjoyed the ending. It was entirely satisfying to see what happened to the main women and Cinny’s storyline, although small, gave me great pleasure too.

The Cons

There were one or two moments when it felt a little like drama for the sake of it. But if you are in the mood for a good drama then that won’t be a con for you.

The Conclusion

If the story of a singer who finds love where she least expected it, a journey of self discovery and of learning to let go of other people’s baggage is what you are looking for then this is the exact book for you. It’s well written, gorgeously unexpected and, dare I say, unforgettable.

And on a side note, this title is a little older but it holds up well.

Excerpt from Unforgettable by Karin Kallmaker

Rett had been beyond words. Cinny’s top was half-unbuttoned and Cinny was clutching Rett’s mouth against her breast with desperate intent. Rett knew what she wanted. Had known that was she wanted for what seemed like all her life.

“Yes,” Cinny whispered. She gasped when Rett’s tongue found her nipple. “That feels so good when you do it.”

Rett was on the verge of tears. She had no words, just pent-up need. She wanted to be inside Cinny, to be everything to her. Her hand was sliding down the tight front of CInny’s jeans. Cinny had never let her get so far before. Instead of nuzzling through her shirt and bra, her mouth was exploring Cinny’s breasts. Her searching fingertips found silky hair and Cinny let out a hard groan. She was arching, trying to give Rett more room for her hand.

“Oh, Rett, oh my lord. I can’t believe the way you make me feel…”

She couldn’t get her hand any farther down the tight jeans. She pulled it out and fumbled with the snap and zipper.

Cinny’s hand captured hers, then Cinny was trying to sit up. “I can’t…Rett, I can’t do it.”

Rett bent her head to Cinny’s breast again and for a moment, when Cinny sighed and offered them, she thought Cinny would relent.

“I really want to, but…I just can’t, Rett.”

She found enough voice to mumble, “I can make it really good for you, I promise.”

“i know you could…but I can’t…”

Cinny’s voice faded into memory and Rett put a hand on her stomach. She had begged Cinny until Cinny got mean. Rett had tried more than once to leave Cinny alone. After a week or two Cinny would always suggest they “see” each other and then she would ask for a hug to show they were friends again. A hug always led to kisses, kisses to touching, touching to Rett’s sexual frustration.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781931513630
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Unforgettable by Karin Kallmaker. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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