Unforgettable by Elle SpencerUnforgettable by Elle Spencer is a book with two lesbian romance novellas.

In Forget Her Not, Samantha King wakes up hungover after a one-night stand. That doesn’t strike her as unusual until she realizes she’s not in her own hotel room and her bed partner the night before was a apparently a woman. Samantha’s mind is completely blown because she’s always been straight and can remember nothing from the night before, but Mia Rossi most definitely remembers her and is more than happy to help Samantha remember.

In Forget Her Never, Abby Dunn is at a bar and *this* close to completely hammered when a gorgeous woman asks her out on a date. Despite Abby mistaking that woman for a sex worker and throwing up on her a little when she’s nice enough to make sure Abby gets home okay, Kendall Squires shows up the next night to sweep Abby off her feet with an evening on a luxurious yacht. Kendall gives Abby the night of her life while managing to say little about herself, so Abby isn’t totally surprised to learn she’s married (even if she’s understandably disappointed). Can Abby move on from their time together? Or is she destined to keep feeling called to Kendall?

The Characters

Across both novellas, Elle Spencer delivers four distinct, compelling leads, as well as interesting supporting casts that round out their stories.

Forget Her Not is told from Samantha’s perspective in the first person, so we get to know her intimately. I didn’t always like her, but I found it impossible to look away from her and her journey of self-discovery. Mia, on the other hand, was lovely and so thoughtful, leaving me curious about what the story would look like if it were told from her perspective.

Forget Her Never is told in the third person, shifting between Abby and Kendall. While we get to know Abby better, I was happy that I never felt like I missed out on anything about Kendall. I loved watching both of them grow and change over the course of their story and I had a very happy smile at the end.

The Writing Style

If you like angsty romances, this is the book for you! Both stories pack a punch, with so much “will they or won’t they” that I kind of wondered how they’d turn out (yes, even though it’s marketed as romance!).

Also, be warned—I couldn’t put either story down once I’d started them, because I got so invested in these couples and their happily ever afters. So if you’re going to pick Unforgettable up, you might want to make sure your afternoon or evening are clear before you start reading it.

The Pros

Excellent chemistry, interesting characters, and all that fun angst.

The Cons

If you can’t do cheating in books, you probably won’t want to read the second story. That would be a shame, because that was my favourite of the two, but I know we all have our no-go zones.

The Conclusion

I loved Casting Lacey, so I was eager to pick up Unforgettable. I’m so glad I did, because I thoroughly enjoyed it! Elle Spencer is on my list of authors to keep an eye out for and I can’t wait to see what she delivers next.

Excerpt from Unforgettable by Elle Spencer

“Has anyone ever told you that you drink too much?”

Abby stiffened. She looked around to make sure the woman sitting a few seats down was actually addressing her. Surely she wasn’t. Was she? But the woman was staring right at her. Great. Abby took another sip of her drink. “Strangers, acquaintances, even a few lovers.” She set her drink down with some force. “But never a call girl.”

The woman smirked. “Nice.”

“Hey, you had that coming.”

“Maybe so, but you still drink too much.”

Abby turned on her stool and gave the woman a once-over, purposely letting her eyes linger on what she could only imagine were pretty nice breasts under that tasteful little black dress. She liked what she saw, even if she didn’t care much for the woman’s pickup line, if that’s what it was. “Care to join me?”

“No, I’m waiting for my pimp. You know how it is,” the woman said with a shrug. “If I don’t pay him every night, things get ugly.”

Abby couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Okay, you win.”

The brunette with the pretty green eyes leaned in a little closer. “Yeah? What do I win?”

“Let me buy you a drink.” Abby waved her hand, trying to get the attention of the bartender.

“I’d rather pick my prize.”

Abby’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, this should be interesting. Yes, by all means, pick your prize.”

“A date. You and me on a riverboat tomorrow night.”

Unimpressed, Abby swung her stool back toward the bar. “Those boats have terrible food.”

“Not the boat I’m thinking of.”

Abby took the swizzle stick from her drink and rolled it on her tongue while she considered the offer. Did she really care about the quality of the food on a damn boat? Not really. She gave the woman another glance. “Just dinner? Or do I have to put out?”

“Only if I make you laugh.”

Abby tried not to laugh, but it snuck out. “Okay, maybe I have had too much to drink.”

“Or maybe I’m just that funny.”

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