Tie Dye And Flannel by RhavensfyreTie Dye And Flannel by Rhavensfyre is a short story about fate and love. This is the second short story by Rhavensfyre that I have read and I enjoyed both of them.

This duo of writers tells an interesting and sweet short story about finding love in unexpected places in Tie Dye and Flannel.

The story is about Stacie and Maria. Stacie is a veterinarian working night and day to build her practice and get the local farmers to trust her. She has little time to eat, let alone time for a social life. If it wasn’t for her best friend Josie, Stacie would have no personal life at all.

Maria is a free spirit. She believes in fate and being in tune with the energies around her.

Maria and Stacie meet one day at a farmers market and there is an instant attraction. Maria gives Stacie her phone number and hopes for more from this enchanting woman. Stacie, however, wouldn’t make any progress in her love life if it weren’t for Josie, who meddles and invites Maria over.

The Characters

The characters are sweet. I enjoyed Stacie’s best friend and her storyline. The children were a lovely addition to the book.

Maria and Stacie were written as polar opposites in many respects. This worked well to differentiate them and make them a little more realistic.

I would have liked to see a little more attraction between the main characters, but that is typical of me. I like the angst.

The Writing Style

The story moves along at a nice pace and it has lovely moments. I would have enjoyed a little more character growth from both main characters and a little more feeling of fulfilment when they do get together.

The Conclusion

This is a lovely light romantic read that is original and doesn’t follow the same formula as many. It is worth a read if you want something light and sweet.

Book Excerpt

Maria gasped. She knew this woman, as surely as she knew herself.

Not my type. Maria argued with herself. Stacie wore practicality and logic on her sleeve like a badge of honor, the exact opposite of what she looked for in a woman.

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